NEOCARE Clinics: Elevating Healthcare Standards in Kuwait


NEOCARE clinics are a beacon of excellence in Kuwait, offering premium medical services in Dermatology and Cosmetics, Dentistry, Bariatric, and General Health. Strategically located in top destinations such as The Avenues Mall, The Gate Mall, and Al-Andalus Mall, NEOCARE is committed to providing accessible healthcare solutions.


NEOCARE clinics are renowned for their commitment to excellence in healthcare. With a focus on premium services, NEOCARE aims to meet the diverse medical needs of its patients.

Services Offered

NEOCARE offers a comprehensive range of medical services including Dermatology and Cosmetics, Dentistry, Bariatric, and General Health. Whether it’s skincare solutions, dental treatments, weight management, or general healthcare, NEOCARE ensures top-notch care for all its patients.


With prime locations in Kuwait, NEOCARE clinics are easily accessible to residents and visitors alike. The Avenues Mall, known as the largest mall in the Middle East, provides a convenient setting for NEOCARE’s services. Similarly, The Gate Mall and Al-Andalus Mall offer strategic locations for those seeking premium healthcare solutions.

Why Choose NEOCARE?

NEOCARE stands out for its premium medical services, convenient locations, and expertise. With a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, NEOCARE ensures an unparalleled healthcare experience for its patients.


In conclusion, NEOCARE clinics are synonymous with excellence in healthcare in Kuwait. With a focus on premium services, convenient locations, and expert professionals, NEOCARE is the preferred choice for those seeking top-tier medical care.

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