National Education Policy Will Allow More Indian Students To Pursue Higher Education Abroad, Suggests Rudraksh Immigration Mohali!

National Education Policy and Rudraksh Immigration

There had been plenty of praise for the National Education Policy (NEP) which encompasses various new changes to the existing education system. Rudraksh Immigration Consultancy based out of Mohali thinks that it will open better avenues for aspiring students to go for an education abroad after their graduation. The NEP has made the entire curriculum more flexible which will benefit the students, understands the Rudraksh Immigration Mohali.

This policy was long overdue, but the measures taken herein justify the long wait. It is safe to say that the generation after this will have experienced a completely different sort of education compared to us. The long terms effects of the NEP will only be clear with time but here are some points relevant for people planning to pursue higher education abroad in the coming years.

According to the NEP, the students have the option of exiting the course at any time. For instance, if it is a 3-year program, if a student opts out after the first year, he/she will receive a certificate. Also, he/she can join the course again from the second year anytime he/she wants. If the exit happens after the second year, then the student will be awarded a diploma and the same conditions for rejoining apply. After the third year, the student will be awarded the degree. Thereafter, he/she can opt for either a regular Master’s program or do intensive research work in the final major to enable a direct entry to the PhD program. The need for MPhil has been axed completely.

Also, Rudraksh Consultancy Group explains that the universities abroad focus on vocational and practical training more than academics. The students generally don’t do enough internships or voluntary work to gain some practical knowledge. However, with this policy, that will change completely.

There will be a plethora of vocational training programs starting right from school. This will allow students to have a ton of practical knowledge and a vast understanding of real-world problems. After all, saving real-life problems is the main aim of engineering, which is the most popular course for students travelling abroad from India. This will give an advantage to the students applying for good universities because of a strong practical background.

Under the NEP, there will be a National Research Foundation (NRF) set up to improve the research scenario in our country. Most of the Indian students that travel abroad go for either Masters or PhD. This indicates that the focus of such students is research. Hence, the establishment of a research-oriented body is only a positive thing.

People can either gain some experience prior to going abroad or for people who come back after the degree, can find suitable employment in such institutes. Also, it boosts the Indian educational presence across the globe and will also attract students from abroad. Also, many foreign universities might set up their subsidiaries in India. Through that, there will be a lot of tie-ups with the Indian universities and exchange programs will ensure movement from both sides.

Being in the business for over 27 years now, Rudraksh Immigration Mohali is positive about the fact that more and more students will decide to travel abroad in times to come. The pandemic might have put a temporary halt in the regular procedures, but we will see the end of this soon and the world will resume normalcy soon.


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