Microdose of Magic Mushrooms How Are They Consumed?

Microdose of Magic Mushrooms How Are They Consumed

A magic mushroom microdose is a practice of consuming very low doses of psilocybin mushrooms, which because they are so small do not cause hallucinogenic experiences in the person who microdoses.

Although a microdose will not cause a substantial change in mood, disposition, or mentality at the time; its effect will be subtle but it will be present and you will be able to notice some changes.

Microdose has been gaining popularity, however, the scientific literature contains minimal research on this practice.

But in 2019 mycologist Paul Stamets began a study approved by UBC Behavioral Research Ethics to determine the effect of psilocybin microdose on mental health and, especially, on depression and anxiety.

For this, it launched an app called microdose. me where more than 14,000 people have registered to analyze their anonymous data in their experience as microdosers.

Stamets and his team found a level of statistical significance in the data that strongly supports the efficacy of microdoses in improving mood and mind.

In this article, you will learn about the ways in which microdose magic mushrooms are consumed and the truth about their effects.

Ways to consume microdoses of magic mushrooms

There are several ways to consume psilocybin microdoses, the best known are:

1- The method of Dr. James Fadiman author of the famous book “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic and Sacred Journeys” where he writes about the use of mushrooms in microdose and other compounds.

2- And the famous protocol of mycologist Paul Stamets

Fadiman recommends taking the microdose once every three days, that is. a microdose is taken on day 1, then the microdose is not taken on day 2 and day 3. On day 4, the next microdose is taken again, in other words, the microdose is taken twice a week with 2 days of rest between them and continued like this for several weeks.

For his part, Paul Stamets recommends a different microdose protocol, and suggests taking a microdose every day for five days and then taking two days off to avoid developing tolerance.

Another way to consume microdoses that we found interesting, is found in the blog of Janet L. Chang digital entrepreneur who has carried out her own research on the microdose of psilocybin mushrooms by taking microdoses for a year.

She notes that although Dr. James Fadiman recommends a cautious approach starting with low doses and then gradually increasing to higher doses, it can be difficult for a novice who has not taken full doses to notice the effects.

So according to his own experience, he presents the following alternative. Take a slightly higher dose than a microdose, perhaps a weekend or a day with fewer risks, to ensure a noticeable effect.

Then, work slowly until you reach the lowest dose you can take while still feeling the effect. That would be your minimum “threshold” dose. Then, experiment with different doses of your threshold, week by week.

Microdosing ranges

Janet L. Chang points out the following ranges of psilocybin mushroom microdose to give you an idea.

  • Microdosing: 0.15–0.3 g
  • Creative dose: 0.5–1 g
  • Dosage for psychedelic experience: 2–3 g (one full travel dose)

On the other hand, the microdose ranges of Fadiman, require a dose of between 0.1 and 0.2 grams, twice a week.

To accurately measure microdose, a mini kitchen scale that can detect increments as small as 0.001 grams is recommended.

Monitoring of effects

Janet also recommends keeping track of the effects of microdose with a checklist that includes the following:

  • Mental: in this range, he recommends observing frequent thoughts to know if they are the same as those you usually had or have changed. Is the mind clearer or messier?
  • Creativity: Observe if you are getting new qualities in things, such as stories in objects or if you get more easy solutions to problems.
  • Emotional: Observe and write down if you experience more or fewer feelings than usual or if sex is better or of different quality.
  • Socially: See if the rhythm, tone, or nature of your speech changes, if you smile more or less, if you agree or disagree with someone in a conversation more often than before microdose, and if you talk differently with your coworkers, partner, friends, and family.
  • Body: Observe how conscious (or unconscious) you are of your body.
  • Capabilities: Observe and write down if you are more able to complete certain tasks than usual. This can manifest as changes in attention span; physical or visual acuity; verbal fluency; ability to solve problems; empathy; different areas of consciousness; among others.
  • Moods: You notice if you are more positive or negative or more optimistic or pessimistic, more fearful and cautious, or open to possibilities. See if you have feelings of unity, universality, truth, connection, love, or peace more than before.

What happens when a microdose is taken?

Our neural networks create new pathways, linking parts of the brain that don’t normally communicate as fluently. Negative emotional cycles are disrupted and a broader perspective of the world and a deep connection to everything in it is allowed.

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), they have generated many amazing reports about psilocybin helping people overcome issues such as treatment-resistant depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Taking a lot of these magic mushrooms can have an intense effect, however, by taking a very small dose of 0.2 g, unlike a recreational dose of 2 g (dry weight), the impressive brain activity induced by a full dose or a trip is reproduced on a small scale.

Microdosers claim that taking small amounts increases creativity, sparks inspiration, improves problem-solving skills and keeps procrastination at bay. People report feeling more empathetic, which naturally improves personal and professional relationships.

There are also reports of people making more positive lifestyle choices; such as eating healthier, exercising more, and reducing alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco consumption. Even professional athletes claim that microdoses improve their fitness and performance.

Before finishing we must point out that it is important to follow a usual routine during microdose; taking at the same time and the same rhythm of days to be able to perceive an effect more consistently.

Dr. James Fadiman’s psilocybin mushroom microdose studies include over 1500 case studies where he collects testimonials pointing to benefits such as increased creativity, concentration, curbing depression, and overall well-being, to name a few.

Thereafter, Fadiman appeared in countless podcasts and articles, including the Tim Ferris Celebrity Podcast and the MAPS podcast.

Have you tried microdose? What effect have you noticed and how have you taken a microdose? Would you recommend this practice to improve the perception of various aspects of life?

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