Make Your Surrounding Inhospitable For Bees

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Dealing with other pests is different from dealing with bees. And we will tell you why.

Bees are important for maintaining equilibrium in our environment. Without them, there would be a drastic downfall in pollinating of plants and that will result in us having less trees and less trees is equal to more damage to the ozone layer.

Saying all of that, having bees around residential areas is not smart as well. Because bees can get very aggressive and they can get riled up and bite you without you doing anything. This is why it is smarter to deal with the problem by calling the professional bees pest control near me.

But if you have been wondering “Will pest control get rid of bees?” then there are also natural ways you can make your home and overall surrounding inhospitable for the bees. You can try these techniques before calling the professionals but we don’t suggest that if you or a family member suffers from bee sting allergy.

Repellent Plant

Albeit this isn’t the most effortless method of bees control brisbane yet it is probably the most secure method of keeping the honey bees under control. Most plants and flowers are normally made to appear to be alluring to the passing honey bees. Furthermore, that is the reason there aren’t such a large number of plants accessible that repulse honey bees. Be that as it may, coming up next is a portion of the alternatives you can consider. These are strong-smelling plants whose fragrance deters the honey bees from being in their area.

  • Eucalyptus.

  • Wormwood plant.

  • A lemongrass assortment is named Cyboposon nardus.

Likewise, Plant Unpleasant Smelling Plants

If you believed that terrible-smelling flowers/plants are useless, reconsider. They are one of the most outstanding regular honey bee repellents. The carrion flower and dragon arum are plants that the honey bees could never get drawn to. The flesh-hued blossom of the carrion plant creates a scent of decaying meat. Different blossoms that produce a comparable smell are the male flowers of the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua). The dragon arum plant (Dracunculus vulgaris) produces a crimson sprout and scents like excreta that also help in bee removal.

Natural Honey Bee Draws

Honey bees are amazingly drawn to food sources and strong, sweet scents. You can utilize sweet natural products to dispose of honey bees in little regions. Cut up a sweet, ripe fruit like a pineapple or a mango into little pieces and put them in a sack. Leave this pack around 20 feet from the hive. Move the pack further away following several days and rehash the cycle until the honey bees have migrated their hive.

Create a Bee Free Area

This bees pest control tip requires cautious arranging since you need to consider the choices of honey bee repulsing plants. Make a boundary of strong-smelling plants around the garden space. Smash the plant leaves and stems to guarantee that the oils are fused into the space. A honey bee free zone can be made pretty much anyplace. You should simply put the honey bee repellent plant in the honey bee appealing zones like entryway exits and passages, yard borders, windows, close to the honey bee states, and so on.

Get Rid Things that Allure Bees

If you have been asking yourself “What is the best way to get rid of bees?”, you have been asking the wrong question. You should have focused on the thing that allured bees to your home. The normal honey bee drawing in spots can be gardens, a recently emptied honey bee hive, flower plants, and so forth. Nonetheless, if at all you end up being nearby these spots, then, guarantee that you wear body-covering garments, boots, or shoes and the necessary planting wear (if gardening or cleaning the yard) like latex gloves, and so forth to protect yourself before bee hive removal.

  • Consider managing the trees that draw in honey bees so it would diminish the quantity of allure created.

  • However much you love planting flower plants, the honey bees love it as well. Flowers with an undeniable degree of aroma firmly draw in them. Another tip is to try not to plant any flower with a “honey bee” in its name.

Smoke up the Place

Keep honey bees under control by smoking up the honey bee inclined regions. The smell of smoke will trick the honey bees into imagining that their hive is ablaze which will make them leave and track down another settlement. Honey bees will escape from the smoke, become less aggressive and unconscious when they breathe in a lot of it. You can utilize a conventional smoker or a fluid smoke for this bee removal brisbane tactic. A conventional smoker is a straightforward metal compartment with roars joined and used to get a fire going. Fluid smoke needs no lighting.

  • Candles, for example, Citronella candles are most ordinarily utilized as honey bee repellant.

  • Light a smokey flame or assemble a pit fire. This will fend the honey bees off due to the disturbing smell of smoke.

Nest Tarping

In this technique, you place tarps above the hive, and blocks and stones nearby the tarp. Best whenever done in the night in light of the fact that the honey bees are set for rest when you’re setting the tarps. This forestalls the fomentation of the honey bees and the odds of getting stung. Additionally, do guarantee that you wear dark garments so you cause however much less to notice yourself as could reasonably be expected. It is best done if the assignment is taken up by multiple individuals.

Calling the Experts

When dealing with bees, it’s always better to call for professional help. As there is no telling when the bees will get aggressive and start attacking you. Hence, contacting the bee exterminator who knows what they are doing would be best for you and your family.


Will pest control get rid of bees?

Definitely, there are trained professionals who know how to safely get rid of bees from your home.

How do exterminators get rid of bees?

The experts either use dusts or sprays to get rid of the bees without killing them.

Should I exterminate bees?

It’s better to live the job to the professional and refrain from killing the bees when it can harm you and the environment overall.

When should I call an exterminator for bees?

Yes, that’s the best way you can get rid of them without getting stung.


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