List of Some Best Schools in India


The Indian education system is expanding more and more every year. Best Schools list in India are very important in this system because they offer diverse, well-resourced, and educationally enriching programs to students. Every parent wants that their children will study in top schools in India.

The choice of the best schools in India for your child is vital and the top concern of parents as well as students. Parents must conduct lots of research in picking the best institutions for their youngsters. The education system in India has progressed a lot and students from the nation’s most prestigious schools have gone on to leave their mark at the most prestigious universities and colleges around the globe.

India has many schools for boarding that provide a world-class education for students. Alongside academics, school boarding in India is also awash in extracurricular activities. The schools that are boarding are where students are taught and also live. With regards to high-quality education and discipline, Boarding schools located in India are the ideal option to select to ensure the growth of students.

Here is the list of best boarding schools in India:

1) The Asian School, Dehradun

The Asian School is a co-educational boarding and day boarding school in Dehradun. It was founded in the year 2000 by the Asian Educational Charitable Trust and affiliated with CBSE since then. It accepts students from Nursery to XII each year. There are numerous games and activities available for children of all age groups. They include Badminton Tennis, Cricket, Badminton and Football, as well as Shooting and many more. They also have a fantastic gymnasium with all kinds of equipment. The hostels at the top boarding school in Dehradun are clean and well-equipped. They have all the amenities needed to allow students be in a place that they feel comfortable and at the home they have always known.

2) The Sanskar Valley School, Bhopal

The Sanskar Valley School is one of the co-educational day-boarding-cum residential institutions in Bhopal. In 2006, the school was founded under the auspices of the Sharda Devi Charitable Trust, the school is a non-profit establishment. The school provides a comprehensive curriculum that falls under the CISCE. The purpose of the ICSE/ISC syllabus is to impart knowledge to students and help them develop essential life skills that will aid in their personal and academic development and develop into young adults who understand their social responsibilities.

3) Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Bishop Cotton School is one of the most reputed boarding schools in India. The renowned institution is located within The Queen of Hills- Shimla. Bishop Cotton School is only a school for boys, which was founded in of 1859 under the direction of bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton. The school follows the CBSE board, and offers an educational facility for students who are not residents and for those who are mentally challenged. With the number of students around 500 students from grades VIII to XII, Bishop school stands as one of the most schools for boarding students in India.

4) Rishi Valley School, Andhra Pradesh

Rishi Valley School is one of the most prestigious boarding school in India. The boarding school is situated within Chittor, Andhra Pradesh. Rishi Valley School offers a customizable curriculum for classes from IV to VIII. It also offers an ICSE as well as the ISC board for students in classes IX-XII. The school’s campus is home to an Institute for Bird Studies, natural history, as well as a well-equipped library, seminar halls, as well as clean and maintained classrooms. Rishi Valley School offers an exceptional educational environment that lets students develop not only their intellectual capabilities as well as different aspects of their lives.

5) St. John’s International Residential School, Chennai

St, John’s International Residential School is a renowned school for boarding school located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this school is highly modern and gives the best quality education for students. Beyond academics, this school also has a focus on activities outside of the curriculum. St John’s International School provides excellent dining and residential services to students. Spread over 30 acres, the campus is easily accessible to all means of transportation from all parts of the nation. The medical facilities include hospitals with highly qualified nurses and doctors.



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