Learn How Digital Signage Solutions Can Reduce Emergency Waiting Time

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No doubt, no one likes to sit and watch the clock beating while they are waiting to see a doctor. If your emergency room deals with a crowded waiting room, miscommunication about patient progress, and lack of structure to make visitors look on time, digital sign boards are the tool you need to improve experience and, overall, save lives. Let’s learn more about how to reduce the waiting time in the emergency room using digital solutions provided by digital signage companies.

Utilizing the Emergency Room Waiting Time with Digital Signage Solution

Time is about perception and hope, and health care systems can manage both through digital signage.

In short, all this information will help reduce the waiting time of the patient being felt. Fortunately, that’s what digital nameplates do in the emergency room. Data shows that it can help reduce the waiting time of the emergency department that is felt by around 35%. In other words, the waiting time is uncertain, unexpected, and communication seems longer and more frustrating than waiting.

How to reduce waiting time in the emergency room

Long queues and waiting times are frustrating. Adding a digital signboard in the emergency room can increase patient visits and reduce the waiting time. Consider providing the following types of digital nameplate content to increase their effectiveness:

Custom video production: your digital sign can combine special content that is tailored to your health care facilities, for example, telemedicine services.

Television and Video Label Personal: This requires a proper -adjusted material programming that was previously recorded.

Screen wrapping: You can provide content variability using additional elements on the screen to complete the main digital screen.

With an interesting, interactive, and entertaining digital signage content, you can reduce the waiting time in the emergency room in the following ways:

Reduce boredom among patients

How patients see the waiting time in the emergency room depends on what they do while they are waiting. If they are bored and released, time seems to pass slowly. Therefore, if they sit in an empty waiting room, their waiting feels longer. You reduce boredom when you provide entertainment, such as video information, television programming, sports highlights, or movie trailers. As a result, the patient feels time to move faster.

Reducing the stress and anxiety of the patient

Entertainment on the screen removes a patient’s mind from waiting long and reduces the amount of stress and anxiety. So, provide cheerful and fun content in the waiting room. Doing that calms their nerves and increases their level of comfort while they are waiting.

Increase queue management

Effective queue management increases patient satisfaction and reduces the waiting time that is felt. Digital display screen occupies the patient’s attention and provides entertainment when they are waiting for their turn. With integrated queuing management in a digital signage system, emergency rooms can achieve many things, for example:

  • Use the ticket system to contact the customer to the service desk or triage
  • Help the patient by finding a way to the Customer Service Calculation and the Doctor’s Room
  • Shows an estimated waiting time to prepare the patient when almost their turn

Health service providers can reduce waiting time by controlling the patient’s flow and streamline the queue experience. In addition, the queue management system increases the number of patients served at a certain time. Therefore, this accelerates the service process, giving migrants who are late in receiving patient care on time.

Provide content that is educational and meaningful

You can calm the patient when you provide entertaining and educational content. For example, they will be less anxious and more comfortable when they understand the procedures they will experience. Educational content helps calm their nerves by giving them a preview of what will happen. This information also supports their welfare, especially if you share additional information about how they can improve their health.

Increase check-in time

Digital signs with touch screen technology empower patients to complete their registration and check-in. Therefore, patients enjoy privacy more than the process of clipboard intake and standard pen.

Collaboration of Digital Signage Communication Assistance

Using digital signage solutions and communication reduces patient frustration and reduces their aggression. For example, digital signage communication has been proven effective in the following ways:

  • Direct Digital Waiting Screen produces a 50% reduction in aggressiveness in patients. In addition, due to an increase in digital signage, 75% of patients feel less frustrated with the waiting time for the emergency room.
  • Information is available to emergency patients every 15 minutes to increase the length of time that is felt. In addition, this increases the clinical skills and efficiency of emergency doctors.

With regular waiting time and queuing updates, digital nameplates can increase cooperation between departments and patients.


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