Lab-grown diamonds vs Real diamonds Pros and Cons


 All though you cannot differentiate between real diamonds and lab-grown diamonds, there are many factors that make them different from one another. Real diamonds are obtained from mining and lab-created diamonds are manufactured in the lab by using complex techniques. People have a craze for mined diamonds because they are real and most of the diamonds have some history associated with them. Moreover, real diamonds are rare to find and hence they are very expensive.

Although there is an emotional value attached to real diamonds if you want to buy a diamond that is affordable yet attractive, lab-created diamonds are something that should be your first choice.

Read on to find out the differences between lab-grown diamonds and real diamonds and what are their pros and cons.

What are lab-created diamonds?

 Known by different names such as engineered diamonds or cultured diamonds lab-grown diamonds are a type of diamond that is created in a lab. The technology which is used in creating lab-manufactured diamonds is cutting-edge technology. Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured using two basic processes high-pressure high temperature or chemical vapour deposition.

What makes lab-grown diamonds different from real diamonds?

As discussed before lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are so identical that normal people cannot even spot any difference. Moreover, their chemical and physical properties are also the same, and both diamonds contain identical carbon atoms and are organized in a crystal structure. Apart from having all the similarities, there are many discussions regarding lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds, but what makes them different is their origin. Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a lab on the other hand real diamonds are a product of mining.

One more factor that differentiates them is price range. Since natural diamonds or real diamonds are rare they are more expensive than lab-grown diamonds. Although people have an emotional value attached to natural diamonds still they prefer to buy lab-grown diamonds because they are always available in the price range. 

What are the pros and cons of real diamonds?


  1. The best part about natural diamonds is that their value always remains high and increases day by day Hence if you want to invest in real diamonds you will get a guaranteed return in a matter of time.
  2. If you use real diamonds for the trade you will get a huge price for older diamonds.
  3. The value of colored diamonds is very high compared to those of non-colored ones.


  1. The greatest disadvantage of real diamonds is that they are very expensive.
  1. People who have considerable income need to wait for a long to save up money for buying a real diamond.
  1. The basic disadvantage of real diamonds is that they are obtained from mining and hands the environment badly.

What are the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds?


  1. The main advantage of Lab-grown diamonds is that they are identical to real diamonds one cannot differentiate whether it is a real diamond or a lab-grown diamond.
  1. One of the major factors that make lab-grown diamonds highly acceptable to the audience is their price range it is very affordable and people need not save money to buy a lab-grown diamond.
  1. Lab-grown diamonds also come in a variety of designs.


  1. The basic disadvantage of lab-grown diamonds is that they have a very low resale price.
  2. Unlike real diamonds lab-grown diamonds do not have any history neither people have any emotional value attached to them.

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