Kybella Vs Coolsculpting: Which Treatment Is Ideal For Double Chin?

kybella vs coolsculpting

Don’t let that double chin strip off your esteem; instead, you can weigh options with Kybella vs Coolsculpting. Any of the methods may be ideas to fix your car. But what should you know about the treatment methods? How do you determine the best method for your case? Stay tuned.

How Kybella Works

Kybella is an injection that helps dissolve fat cells. It’s a great treatment as you can target small fat pockets that are hard to reach with other methods. 

You can get the treatments at a clinic or a medical spa. Experts recommend you have at least three treatments to dissolve all the fat cells. In the case of a large fat layer, you can have up to six treatments. 

The treatment takes about four weeks to recover. Thus, you’ll get the optimum results a month after the final injection. The results of the treatment are permanent as long as you adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

You can get a few side effects after the injection. The common effects include bruising, swelling, itching, redness, nausea, and trouble swallowing. Most of the effects are mild and disappear after a short time. However, you can take some painkillers if they are painful and unbearable. 

How Coolsculpting Works

Kybella vs coolsculpting is an undeniable debate in the beauty industry. Both methods play the same role in treating a double chin, and however, the methods work differently. In this case, coolsculpting works by freezing fat cells. 

If you notice a layer of stubborn fat cells under your chin, you can rush to the nearest medispa for treatment. Many patients need a maximum of three treatments to clear all the face cells under the chin. 

Fat cells are sensitive to cold. Thus, when you subject them to extreme cold for several minutes, they get ejected through metabolism. 

Each treatment session will remove between 20%-80% of the existing fat cells. However, the final session will remove all the existing fat cells. Don’t fret, as the temperatures are safe for other body cells and tissues. 

Coolsculpting has no downtime. You can resume work immediately after you leave the medispa or clinic. However, you can witness some side effects like muscle cramping, swelling, bruising, redness, numbness, tingling, and in extreme cases, diarrhea.

Which Treatment is Ideal for a Double Chin

It’s hard to tell the ideal treatment between Kybella vs Coolsculpting. They both work perfectly. However, you can use your fears to choose the best treatment for yourself.

If you freak out at the sight of needles, then you can opt for coolsculpting. But if you loathe cold, Kybella is for you. Try to avoid coolsculpting if you have a history of hives on your skin after cold exposure. 

How To Choose the Treatment that Works for You

Both treatments are great solutions to a double cochin. They both remove fat cells from your chin permanently. Thus, you can choose any treatment that you want.

However, the budget for both treatments differs. You can check with the cheaper and most effective method. If you have small fat pockets that are not pinchable, then you should opt for Kybella, 

Some people combine the treatments. They can start with coolsculpting. It helps to reduce the fat layers. After two sessions, the fat cells shrink to levels that you can’t pinch. Thus, you finalize the treatment with one Kybella shot. 


Kybella vs coolsculpting are rival methods to fight a double chin. Both methods are effective in treating a double chin. Check your health and underlying condition to see if anything can hinder you from taking any treatments. 



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