Know How to Get Medical Marijuana in Missouri by Professionals

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It was in Nov. 2018 only that Missouri legalized the medicinal usage of medical marijuana in its state. Like other states, taking this decision and implementing it was not easy, but Missouri came with its medical marijuana program. 

No doubt medical marijuana has been made legal, but it does not mean that people will get it easily. For determining its use, every state has laid down some instructions for the patients to follow, and Missouri is no exception. 

Consequently, if you want to get rid of your disease and add more years to your life, medical marijuana is the way to go. Without thinking much about it, apply for the medical marijuana card and heal at a faster pace. Let us learn the procedure of- how to get medical marijuana in Missouri

How to get medical marijuana in Missouri? 

People consider it a complicated process by looking at an extensive procedure of obtaining a medical marijuana card. Still, if you follow the procedure step by step, then things will seem easy for sure. Here’s an overview of the medical marijuana program in Missouri that will get you your medical marijuana card. 

Physician certification form

The physician only can help you obtain your medical marijuana card and that too without any difficulty. For this, you need to find a certified and licensed physician and schedule an appointment for the same. You’ll find the physician at the state’s portal and fix your consultation. 

Some people think that having a bona fide relationship with the physician will help, but it is not true. It may help you to a certain extent but not entirely. To gain the physician’s approval, you have to suffer from one of the other qualifying conditions laid down by the state. 

The next thing to be mindful of during your consultation is to let the physician know about your past medical history, as this will give an insight to the physician about your overall health. Consequently, the physician will approve you for the same. 

Qualifying conditions 

Whether you suffer from the qualifying conditions or not is a significant thing when applying for a medical marijuana card. As a result, take time to figure out this first and then move ahead with your application. The qualifying conditions for Missouri are as follows: 






Muscle spasms 

Crohn’s disease 




The Missouri residents are fortunate enough that such various conditions can be treated by having medical marijuana. Moreover, this also increases your prospects of getting a medical marijuana card. 

Register online for the marijuana card 

As the process has gone online, you also need to apply online for the medical marijuana card. You can register yourself through the online portal of the state. When registering, ensure to get all your crucial documents in one place, such as ID card, passport size photo, driver’s license, and other things. Lastly, ensure you have filled in your application form completely before clicking on the submit button. Also, pay the fees for the same. 

Wait for the card 

After submitting your application form, the state’s pharmacy board will review it and inform you of your application status within 10-15 days. If approved, then no need to wait for the card to arrive at your place and simply get it printed online. 

Shop cannabis from a dispensary 

Get your medical marijuana card to the Missouri dispensary and avail your cannabis products from there. When shopping for cannabis products, keep your disease in mind and shop accordingly. You’ll get the medical marijuana products at reduced rates and that too of superior range. But when consuming medical marijuana, be mindful of the dosage. It is because more doses of marijuana can be harmful to your overall health. The best thing would be to ask the physician about the same and then consume medical marijuana. 

Medical marijuana card costs

You have to pay a specific sum to the physician and the state’s pharmacy board. The average price of the physician’s consultation lies between $150-$200. For applying for a medical marijuana card, you have to pay around $25. Another thing worth noting over here is that you also have to pay a fee when renewing your card. 


After learning about the procedure of- how to get medical marijuana in Missouri, the process might be easier for you. For sure, medical marijuana will prove to be a boon for your health. 


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