Keep the shine and longevity of your new timber floor for years with these home decor tips!

timber flooring

After installing the timber flooring, it’s time to maintain its shine intact for a long time. 

The concept, “one cleaning process matches all,” does not fit with timber flooring at all; however that doesn’t mean such flooring needs excessive cleaning or precautions. As timber floorings are gaining popularity day by day, the idea of maintaining them is also emerging to avoid any damage. Here are some tips and methods that you can use for keeping your floor finish intact, especially if they are newly installed. 

If your floors are newly finished

Though the floors are in the initial phase of coating and curing, even then, you need to take necessary precautions till the coating is fully hardened. This process can take a few weeks, depending upon the coating and weather at the time of application.

Here is how to take care of your newly finished timber floorings;

  • Initially, make sure that you walk on it with your socks on and no shoes for 48 hours.
  • Refrain from walking on the floor with wet feet as it can cause ghosting which means light cloudy imprints will start appearing. If ghosting occurs, the only way to avoid it is by re-sanding and finishing.
  • Wait till the floors are stabilized and hardened; only then should you lay down floor covers such as mats and rugs.
  • Wait for a week at least before placing your furniture. However, do check before, since climate conditions can easily affect floor hardening.
  • You can still install light-weighted furniture; however, make sure to use protector pads attached to the feet of tables and chairs; this will protect your floor from scratches while moving and lifting them. 

How to maintain and clean your timber floorings?

  • Avoid using water on wooden floorings.

Such floorings require using only products that are meant especially for cleaning and maintaining them. Such cleaning products help in keeping the shine of timber flooring intact. If you use water, it will rip off the floor’s shiny appearance. 

  • Sand and grit

Sand and grit can cause scratches on the floor, which can make your floor dull. It would be best to vacuum with a broom attachment or use a micro-fiber mop or sweep to get rid of it for cleaning. Make sure to clean the floor regularly and placemats at external doors to avoid the accumulation of sand and grit.

  • Spill and leaks

As soon as something spills, make sure to clean it immediately. Most of the beverages can leave stains which can affect your floor finishing. Spills and leaks can add moisture and dampness to your floor, which can be a severe issue. 

How to protect timber flooring against weather conditions?

Severe weather conditions can also affect your flooring conditions; this is how you can protect your floors against it.

  • Heat exposure 

Excessive heat exposure to the sun, heater or fireplace can have detrimental effects on your floor. If your flooring is exposed to direct sun rays, it can soften the tone of timber which can cause an oxidation process, which can cause darkening of wood color. This effect is also known as aging or weathering. 

  • Humidity

Excessive humid exposure to your timber flooring can cause the floor to swell, shrink and cup. It can even cause excessive gaps between boards as well. Making use of dehumidifiers can reduce the impact. 

  • Air circulation

Ensure you avoid locking your room with timber flooring for a long duration, especially during hot weather. Wooden flooring requires proper air circulation to avoid shrinkage. 


The tips mentioned above can help in retaining the shine and finishings of timber floorings. If you are looking for Melbourne timber flooring, look for quality flooring backed up with a warranty and delivers your expectations.


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