It’s all about eyeglasses. Guide to choosing the right glasses

eye glasses

Eyeglasses are the most common solution for correcting vision. If you have eye problems, simply wearing glasses can solve them. Obviously, you can’t wear any glasses. You need to go to an ophthalmologist to prescribe some lenses, you need to choose frames that fit your physiognomy and you need to consider small criteria such as lens material, frame material, and costs.

If you want to be prepared when you go to the ophthalmologist for the first time, here is a guide to help you buy the best glasses.

How do you know you need glasses?

In general, eye conditions have symptoms manifested by poor eyesight. If you can’t read the subtitles of the movies, or you see certain things in the fog, you will most likely need glasses.

Before going to the consultation, you can try some visual acuity tests on the internet. They are easy to navigate and manage to test both the way you perceive colors and the way you see up close or from a distance. If you do not pass the tests, it is good to go to the consultation for a detailed check. Also, a thorough control is necessary if:

  • See in the fog;

  • You often have dizziness, headaches, and confusion;

  • You often feel that your eyes are very tired and you cannot focus on certain objects;

  • It is difficult to distinguish objects that are at a distance;

  • When you use your tablet, phone, or laptop, you tend to stay very close to them;

What happens during the eye examination?

In principle, you are given a series of tests, and glasses are recommended. You will go through tests on visual acuity, by refractometry at option, by examining the anterior pole, and checking the optotype. The control is simple and can give you clear information about the lenses you need.

The ophthalmologist may also recommend eye exercises or various other things, such as drops.

Once you have the recipe for the lenses, you can move on to choosing the lenses and choosing the perfect frames.

How do you choose the lenses?

Obviously, they must follow the diopters recommended by the ophthalmologist. Apart from this, however, everything remains at your discretion. The lenses can be made of plastic, glass, polycarbonate, or trivex, can be mono-focal, bifocal, and progressive, and can be normal or helium.

If you want the best performance, you can opt for progressive lenses, which allow you to see both near and far, which are heliom at.

Basically, with a single pair of glasses, you can correct several problems and you can protect yourself from the sun.

To enjoy a pair of lenses for as long as possible, you can request various treatments:

  • Anti-reflection treatment, which blocks reflections and improves light transmission;

  • Anti-scratch treatment;

  • Treatment that protects your eyes from UV rays;

How do you choose the frame of the glasses?

The choice of the frame is an aesthetic choice, but it can also take into account the comfort offered by the glasses. You can choose between:

1. Full frames, with complete frame. They support any type of lens and are very durable, but have a fairly high weight;

2. Half frame frames. They are very popular for their lower weight, more sophisticated appearance, and the fact that they do not limit the visual field down. Unfortunately, they are a bit more fragile.

3. Frameless glasses. In fact, they are not without a frame, but they have a frame that lacks the frame. They are comfortable glasses, lighter than other variants, which eliminate any type of visual barrier. They are also very fragile but can bend very quickly.

When choosing frames, it is good to take into account the material (plastic, silicone metal, or other materials) and the shape of the face. Your goal is to have glasses that emphasize the pleasant features of your face and contrast with its shape. If you have a square face, opt for glasses with round frames. If you have a round face, square frame glasses are best.

The options are very large and in principle, it is good to try on a few glasses to see which is the most suitable option for you. Surely, you will discover a lot of very interesting variants.


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