How to Setup Business in DAFZA

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The Dubai Airport Free Zone is also known as DAFZA is one of the most economical-driven free zones in Dubai. The government of Dubai has been willing in the initiative to diversifying the economy of DAFZA. If you are looking for a DAFZA company setup and want to know the process activities then consult with the Start Any Business UAE skilled professionals who will guide you on the process and also assist you in making your dream business come true in an easy and successful manner. Here we mentioned a little guide on establishing a company in DAFZA.

DAFZA is recognized to have investment-induced global support. DAFZA is empowered by many businesses from all over the globe. The free zone has allures leading multinational and international companies from all over the globe every year. Although, people are not sure how to begin a business in this sector. DAFZA strategic place gives wider services and amazing facilities. These are exclusive to the free zone. DAFZA is located within Dubai International Airport Boundaries. The free zone at current is hosting a lot of companies. The sector accommodates places like pharmaceutical industries, aviation industries, logistics, and freight companies, mobile phones, and IT companies, and more.

To establish a company in DAFZA the business people should follow some steps. The application form would be prepared and presented to the officials with the stakeholders’ details and Identity documents. The business people should select the appropriate trade license and the right activity of your business depend on their business scheme and experience. The tenancy agreement for the office space depending on the business activities has to be ready as the next stage. Complying with the submission of the necessary documents, office space needs, shareholding pattern, and the fee of the business license. The business license would be issued by the relevant officials.

Is DAFZA A VAT Exempted Free Zone

Yes, DAFZA is the VAT exempted free zone in Dubai. Business people establishing a company in the free zone can take advantage of the VAT exempted free zone. A VAT exempted free zone permits the business people to be out of the VAT scope for each sales transaction within the free zone or between two VAT exempted free zones. Any services rendered or transfer of goods out of the free zone to the other free zone or to the mainland are subjected to VAT.

Professional business setup consultants in Dubai would suggest you more on the VAT exemptions and regulatory adherence business people should comply with during the business registration in DAFZA. The team renders complete assistance of the business people for company establishment, renting an office, chamber registration, visas, VAT registration, etc., in DAFZA.

Required Documents for DAFZA Company Setup

The necessary documents needed for company setup in DAFZA are mentioned below –

  • An application form
  • Copies of valid passports of the managers or stakeholders as well as residence visa page
  • NOC letter from the UAE sponsor
  • CV of the company
  • Audited financial report
  • Notarized and attested certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Stakeholders’ resolution calling for the setup of FZCO in DAFZA.



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