How to optimize robots.txt files for search engines?

optimize robots.txt files for search engines

Recently there have been queries from the side of the users that they are not able to optimize the robots.txt Google to improve the SEO that is why to solve the problems of such users we have prepared this to provide you the tips for the same. The robots.txt files are for the purpose to tell the search engines about how to or about the ways to crawl your website which will further make it one of the very powerful tools of SEO. 

Robots.txt file 

As mentioned earlier this site is to tell the search engines about how to crawl and index pages on the site which they are on. It is usually situated in the root directory and also is popularly known as the main folder of your website. 

An ideal robots.txt file 

Now since the users are aware of the basic idea of what exactly a robots.txt tester now lets us move ahead so that we can get to know how an ideal robots.txt file looks like. And let me tell you that you will definitely need an ideal file so that you can make it at the top of the search engine. Some of the popular sites use a very simple format of the robots.txt file which is the content of the various files vary a lot depending on the needs of the site like what they are intending to provide to the users. Many websites didn’t have robot.txt file which counts SEO mistakes and it can also stop your website to rank

The robots.txt file will provide all the users to allow them to add all the bots to the index and all the content and provide a link to the site maps of the site. 

Steps to create a robots.txt file in the word press – 

Now once that we know the basic facts let’s move ahead to the custom robots.txt which is to optimize the file for the search engine. So, let us move to creating the file for the search engine in the word press.

  1. First of all the users will have to install the AIO SEO plug-in that should be installed in your system and if not then you need to install it before proceeding further. 
  2. Once you have installed the plugin then you should activate it immediately and as soon as it is activated you need to use it to create and also edit your robots.txt file directly from the admin area of your WordPress. 
  3. In the next step, you have to simply move to the All in one SEO, and then followed by it you have to move to the Tools option in order to edit your robots.txt file.
  4. Now turn on the editing option which you can do by visiting the enable custom robots.txt option to the blue one. 
  5. Now with the toggle used in the above step you can also create a custom robots.txt file in the word press that you are using. 
  6. The version will be added and then you have to rename the file and lastly, you will have to click on the Save changes option to save the file. 

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