How to increase the sales of our online clothing store


Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to buy clothes in online stores.

Because of this more and more big brands, whether fashion or workwear store, choose to create their own online clothing store and, thanks to its large resources, it is relatively easy for them to position themselves with very good visibility in the online world.

The problem really arises for smaller or very new companies, since they do not have many resources to be able to undertake the necessary investments to rise to the top of the network.

These positions are usually occupied by the big brands, which compete in the sector, sometimes with very cheap prices, thanks to the fact that they can afford to buy products manufactured with cheap labor in offshore factories.

Small companies have to look for other ways to improve their positioning in the virtual world, planning a good digital marketing strategy.

In order to climb as high as possible in search results.

The first thing would be to study the sales possibilities of the business lines of the online store, even before making the store’s website.

Once the strategy has been studied, it would be good to invest in advertising, for example in Google Ads, Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads.

But to invest in those ads, it would be good to set up Google Analytics in your digital clothing store.

This will allow us to measure many parameters, which will help us to decide what would be the best online marketing strategy.

The next step is to use parameterized url’s (links where you detail where each visit comes from) to measure your actions.

This way you can understand which channels get better results for your online clothing store and, thus, optimize the investment of the money we will spend on pay per click campaigns, SEM positioning in Adwords or other networks.

It is very important to invest in Google Ads, because when our potential customers search in Google with certain keywords, we could appear as high as possible in their searches.

For example, if we sell pants in the clothing store, we could select jeans and work pants, and so when they search for pants, our clothing store would appear.

We should not try to use all the generic keywords of products of a clothing store, because it would be very expensive.

It is important to use more specialized words in groups in which there is less competition in searches and that nevertheless would suit our online store.

In any case, we will always try a few ads, wait to see how we do with them, and we will change our strategy accordingly.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Google likes to have quality content, so we will have to give our products original and specialized content, to improve the positioning of our website.

Another good idea is to incorporate to our online clothing store, opinions of our customers, as many internet users, before deciding on a product, usually look for reviews of both the product and the clothing store where they have purchased it.

Then buy based on the opinions that express the shopping experiences that other users have had before.

This generates confidence in our store, in addition to making our store stand out from others that do not have opinions.

It is also interesting to have some online trust certificate, as this also generates peace of mind and confidence in many Internet users.

Seeing that our online clothing store is audited by Confianza Online, a company that deals with the proper functioning of electronic commerce in Spain.


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