How to Get What You Truly Want as a Small Business Owner


How to Get What You Truly Want as a Small Business Owner

“You can have whatever you desire in life if you assist enough other people to obtain what they want.” Secrets of Closing the Sale, Zig Ziglar (1984)

Have you ever had difficulty acquiring funds or gaining a new client or customer? Have you ever seen a startup fail because no one could get enough customers? Have you ever not gotten what you wanted? Hello and welcome to live.

For a long time, I’ve been assisting individuals in obtaining what they desire. The indicator of getting what you want is to help others in obtaining what they like. That is precisely what Zig Ziglar taught me in the early 1980s.

What is it that prohibits us from making more sales? Mostly garbage in the head. This includes both conscious and subconscious concerns that prohibit us from assisting others in obtaining what they desire.

Over the previous 30 years in the company, I’ve had to sort through a lot of my mental trash. Follow and practice this easy method if you have negative thoughts about selling, which is nothing more than assisting people in getting what they desire.

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  1. Determine your objective or the desired consequence. See it, feel it, and have complete faith in it.
  2. The perceived value rises as the price rises. See also #2.
  3. Be your best self. Everything is energy; therefore, when it comes to negotiating, be dressed appropriately, clean, rested, and avoid drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and other substances that deplete your persuasive energy.
  4. Put on a successful outfit. According to studies, well-dressed people command respect. The cover of a book is always the first thing that people notice.
  5. Establish a fantastic rapport. A strong connection fosters trust. When welcoming someone, smile; this diffuses anger. Shake hands gently but firmly. Say something encouraging to the person.
  6. To comprehend what a person wants, ask brief, no-nonsense, educated inquiries. If you haven’t noticed the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,”perhaps now is the instant.
  7. Pay close attention. The individual who is the most silent in the room is regarded as the smartest. The easiest method to gain a job or a customer is to ask so many questions that the interview does all the talking. They’ll believe you’re a total genius.
  8. If you are asked a question, repeat it. This validates the individual who requests the inquiry and gives you the authority to understand what the person is asking.
  9. Always respond to queries succinctly and follow up with another inquiry to explain the goal or requirement.
  10. Never invent an answer that can be proven incorrect. If you’re unsure about anything, say so. Then inform the person who will conduct the study and return to them. Do exactly what you claim you’ll do. This is what trustworthy, caring individuals do.

Remember that everyone has subconscious rubbish in their heads. Knowing how to train your brain will allow you to acquire what you want if you focus and follow-through for a long enough period.

And dedicating your entire life to being in service to others is one of the most significant revolutions you will ever experience.

Bonus Information… Follow up, follow up, and follow up some more. This implies that you utilize a backed-up approach to arrange your contact list. I’m constantly encountering business owners that don’t have a list! WTF? That’s insane. I just trained a man who has been in the company for 20 years and has made $30 million in sales. NO LIST AT ALL. It’s true.

Now it’s your time to learn and apply the above techniques to make your business more successful and profitable.


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