How to Download APK files of Android apps by TechToDown


On this site, we can download many apps that cannot be found on TechToDown so that you can take advantage of the desired applications even on incompatible tablets or smartphones or with an outdated version of the Play Store. To download an APK, simply use the search bar at the top right, select the desired application and press the Download APK button in the presentation window.

APKPure can also be installed as an alternative app store to the Play Store, so you can download and update all the apps separately from the Google store (very useful on Chinese tablets or TV Boxes without Play Store).

Another site that we can use to download APKs for our smartphone or tablet is TechToDown. Here we can find many apps that are constantly updated and many apps not supported by the TechToDown, all we have to do is use the search bar at the top, click on the name of the application to download, and click on the Latest version button in the presentation form of the app. Also in this case there is no app store available to install on our device, but we will necessarily have to download the MOD APK of each update.

Another very famous site for downloading APKs for Android is Aptoide.


From this site we can download practically any app already seen on the Play Store, just use the search bar at the top right, click on the most relevant result, click on the Download button and finally on Download, present next to the item Download the APK on your computer.

Aptoide is an alternative app store to the Google Play Store, able to manage updates and direct installation of apps without going through the site.

Finally, we recommend that you also try the downloader offered by the APK Downloader site.

APK Downloader

With this site, it is sufficient to enter the URL link of the app on the Google Play Store (web search on it and copy the app link in the address bar), select the Android version and the device model in the Android and Device fields, and finally, click on Generate Download Link to start downloading the APK. Of course, we can only download the free apps, it is not possible to use the site for paid apps.

How to install APKs on Android

After transferring the APK from the PC to our Android smartphone or tablet, we will have to “lower the defenses” of the operating system, which as mentioned by default does not support installation from unknown sources.

Let’s go to the Settings app, open the Security screen and make sure to activate the checkmark next to Unknown sources.

Unknown origins

We confirm in the warning window that will open then open the file manager present on our device (we can also download one for the occasion), let’s go to the folder where we placed the APK then tap on it and press Install to start the installation (if the application is already present on the device, we will be asked if we want to update it by pressing the Update button ).

The location of this option varies from device to device but is usually always present on the system security screen. On “pure” Android systems we will have to open the Settings -> Apps and notifications section, take us to the Special access to the apps menu, press Install unknown apps and provide permission to the file manager used.

After installing or updating the APK, we recommend that you deactivate the voice again or remove the assigned permission, to restore the right level of security.


APKs can become a good alternative to get the desired apps on old devices, on Chinese tablets or smartphones without Play Store, or on all devices that (for one reason or another) are not compatible with some of the apps, we use daily basis.

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