How to Convert Orphaned OST to PST For Microsoft Outlook? – Solved

Convert orphaned OST to PST

Having Orphaned OST file and you are desperately looking to open it in Outlook. But, you can’t do it directly. For that, you need a solution to make Orphaned OST file readable to Outlook. In this post, I will explain the verified way to convert orphaned OST to PST format.

The mail client Microsoft Outlook with different versions like Outlook 365, IMAP accounts, etc. used an OST file or offline Outlook data to synchronize/configure your mailbox’s data on your system. When you lost your network sometime due to some issue or your email server breaks in or interrupted or for example, your router is not working and you lost your internet connection, that time you can still view or edit your old emails, attachments, events, calendars, notes, etc. but you can’t access or view new mails, other folders.

when you get back your connection, it will automatically be synchronized.

How OST File Become Orphaned:

  1. You can not open an OST file other than your system if you do so you will have an orphaned OST file.
  2. Due to unfinished Synchronize.
  3. Unstable internet connection.
  4. Malware & viruses can destroy OST files so, it is highly recommended to install an Anti-virus tool.
  5. Change in hardware can be a cause for orphaned OST files.
  6. System power failure can cause OST files corruption/orphaned.

If you do not know about the OST file format properly, then it will take hours to convert orphaned OST to PST file, but with given below method you can save your time:

Method of Converting Orphaned OST to PST Format:

NOTE: you can not use any manual method to convert orphaned OST to PST format because it’s already orphaned or corrupted.

Convert orphaned OST to PST format using the Professional method you can use any software, But I would suggest you to use SysTools OST to PST Converter.

Benefits of SysTools OST Converter:-

  • The software supports Microsoft Outlook version 2019, 2017, & others.
  • Gives you a free demo version
  • Provides you with secure and safe software.
  • You can convert orphaned, large-size, inaccessible OST files.

Steps to Convert Orphaned OST to PST format:

  1. Install the software in your system & open,
  2. Go to ADD files,
  3. Add your OST file location,
  4. Click on ADD,
  5. Software highlight’s folder which contains data in bold,
  6. You view your OST files email data, hex, mime, attachments, etc.
  7. To convert orphaned OST files, go to EXPORT,
  8. Set the destination of your Export file and click on Export,
  9. Your Orphaned OST conversion is complete,
  10. Now go to your PST file location and open them with Microsoft Outlook.

Additional Information

OST file:
Offline Storage Table is an offline folder feature provided by Microsoft Outlook. OST file becomes active when the Exchange server goes offline and then synchronizes all updated info after returning online mode. Due to OST Files, you can able to work in offline mode.

PST file:
Personal Storage Table kept the copies of the email, attachments, calendar, events, contacts, etc. PST stores personal information used by Outlook or Microsoft exchange.


In the above write up we discussed reasons for the Orphaned OST file and how to convert orphaned OST to a PST format. I told you about the professional method, in which you can use any software, & also recommend you SysTools OST file converter & benefits of it and how to use the software. I hope you find your solution.


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