How To Choose The Right Layered Haircuts

How To Choose The Right Layered Haircuts
How To Choose The Right Layered Haircuts

One of the best hair things you can do is to get a layered haircut. Layered hairstyles are always a good choice. You get to look like a style icon, in addition to the lovely and fascinating look they provide your face.

The debate over one-length haircuts versus layered haircuts continues. Some women believe that adding extra layers to their hair gives it volume and makes styling easier, while others believe that layered haircuts aren’t for every face shape and are generally difficult to style.

On the other hand, layered hairstyles are stylish, go with any clothing, and create dramatic fashion statements.

Continue reading if you are wondering about choosing the right layered haircut for yourself. Here, we will talk about different layered haircuts and layered haircuts for your face shape. 

What Is Layered Hair?

Firstly, before choosing the right layered haircut, you must understand exactly what layered hair means. As the name suggests, your hair will be trimmed in varying lengths to provide a layered look. 

Layers are most typically utilized to structure your face to make it appear slimmer and longer. The length of the layers relies entirely on the style and volume of your hair. 

Layered haircuts should be done by a professional because you’d want the layers proportioned properly. 

Layered Haircuts For Different Face Shapes 

Finding the right layered haircut for your face shape makes a significant difference to your look and boosts your confidence. Below are layered haircuts for different face shapes. 

Layered Haircut For Square Face

Reduce your face’s boxy illusion with short or medium layered hair. Within your haircut, you can have any length or select one. The set of layers (one or both) will make your face shape appear softer. 

Layered Haircut For Round Face

Since the facial structure is on the fuller side, layered haircuts are best to elongate this face shape. 

Any collection of layers that make your face look narrower than fat works for this face. Choose a layered hair with a little height at the top of your hair to acquire the extended effect.

Layered Haircut For Heart-Shaped Face 

Layers are a great way to balance out a heart-shaped face; long layers help reduce your face’s width near the cheek region. 

Try a layered haircut with Wispy Hair Bangs; it smoothens the face. Incorporate layers that frame your face and adds dimension. 

Layered Haircut For Oval Face 

Even though the oval facial shape is perfect for many hairstyles, there are occasions where your facial form can be stretched in length. Choose long layers instead of short to maintain a balanced look. 

Layered Haircut For Long Face

A layered haircut for a long face should help reduce the drawn-down look, and a shoulder-length layered cut is one of the best because longer lengths make long face shapes appear longer. 

Layered Haircut For Diamond-Shaped Face

Choose a layered haircut that will emphasize your diamond-shaped face, including long, side-swept bangs. 

Different Types Of Layered Haircuts 

Here is a wide range of layered haircuts; these options will help you choose the right layered haircut. 

Straight Layered Inverted Bob

If you are looking for a layered haircut that is the right among of length, this straight layered inverted bob is the one for you. The sharp layers add volume, and the longer strands in front make this haircut a classic. 

Long Disconnected Layered Haircut 

For thick hair, long, disconnected layers are a great choice. With long and thick hair, it is feasible to obtain long layers. This style features various gorgeous styles. There is also a dense look of thin hair.

Feathered Layered Haircut

A long layered feather haircut adds the texture and body a basic cut. The feathered layers offer a smooth look, while a blow-out provides a lot of volume and movement.

Shoulder-Length Haircut With Flicked Ends 

This shoulder-length haircut with flicked ends is ideal if you have thick hair. The medium layered hair provides depth, and the ends are effective if you prefer a quick blow-dry. 

Long Choppy Layers 

Long choppy layers are one of the most versatile haircuts for medium-length hair. A choppy lob adds complexity and ease of style to thick hair. It gives the appearance of thicker hair. Apply a curl crème to your hair for a wave effect, and use highlights to brighten up your complexion.

Feathered Bob Haircut With Double Layers

The popularity of a feathery above-the-shoulder haircut is irresistible. For a playful and dazzling festive look, go platinum blonde on a two-layer cut, and be become the center of attention with this gorgeous layered haircut. 

Elongated Layered Haircut For Straight Hair 

The V-cut layering style offers you extra styling options. A single-length haircut hangs limp and motionless, hiding the natural features of your face, whereas layered haircuts for medium hair can be molded to fit your specific facial structure.

Medium Feathered Haircut For Thick Hair 

This medium feathered haircut is perfect for women with thick hair. The layers are light and provide a voluminous look. Layers look especially good on thick hair and add movement.

Long Layers For Medium-Length Hair 

Medium hair that falls past the shoulders, long layers look great. These layers are quite subtle, as though they’re sprinkled throughout the lovely thick mane. The reverse ombre is also extremely attractive.

Sliced Messy Lob Haircut 

The great thing about this sliced messy lob haircut is that the layers provide a flirtatious look when heat styled. The choppy texture provides built-in flair, so you can roll out of bed and be ready to go.

Golden Blonde Layered Bob Haircut

Personalize your style with this beautiful golden blonde layered bob haircut. It will also make it simple to get ready in the mornings. Create waves or curls on this golden layered bob haircut, and you are good to go!

Dimensional Wavy Layered Lob

A wavy lob looks great on hair that is mid-length and layered. Restore smoothness with a curl crème and create a wavy pattern with a curler. You’re now ready to go!

Get a few highlights done to make your layered haircut stand out. 

Long Shaggy Layered Haircut

This beautiful shaggy layered haircut is a flattering look for you if you want to add volume or remove weight from your hair. The layers start short at the top and become longer as it moves downwards. This long shaggy layered haircut is versatile and can be tied into a ponytail hairstyle. 

Textured Wavy Black Lob Haircut 

If you’re a brunette, try a gorgeous balayage lob. The wavy sun-kissed pieces are extremely beautiful and perfect for any occasion. Create beautiful waves from mid-shaft to make your layers stand out and to achieve a voluminous result. 

Caramel Shoulder-Length Haircut With Delicate Layers 

Not every layered haircut needs to be outrageous. Delicate layers work best for layered haircuts if you don’t like the over-the-top style or have fine hair. Play to your strengths by highlighting just the areas where layers offer interest and complexity.

Long Layered Haircut With Long Bangs

A long layered haircut is an excellent alternative because the haircut adds volume, texture, and depth while retaining length. For brunettes, subtle highlights on long brown tones are usually a beautiful touch!

Get long bangs to achieve a face-framing look!

The Bottom Line

As mentioned in the beginning, layered haircuts are one of those evergreen haircuts that look stunning regardless of your age. Use the information above to find and choose the right layered haircut for you, and flaunt numerous layered hairstyles.


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