How to avoid creating a huge mess when painting?


When it comes to DIY projects, the one thing that you can always count on is a mess. Take any project, if it is the first time that you are carrying it out, there’s bound to be a mess. And painting is no exception to the point that one of the common myths about it is that you just cannot avoid a mess. That’s utter rubbish, you just need to be careful while painting and review the following tips and tricks used by nearly all professional painters, to avoid making one.

  • Clear the space: Ask any of the painters in West Auckland, and they would tell you that working in a cramped space often leads to making a mess. Here’s what you can do to avoid making one – clear all the furniture out of the room so that it is clear. Now you have the space to set up your ladder and the rest of your painting supplies. Spread a few drop cloths on the floor and that’s it. Keep in mind that you would also need to spread a few plastic covers over essential furniture as they cannot be removed out of the room. Now you can use the plastic sheets to cover these important pieces including the television set and the refrigerator. Just keep in mind that no matter how careful you are, a few splatters of paint are inevitable. And that’s why you need to cover the important pieces with these plastic sheets.
  • Cover your carpets: When it comes to carpets, you have two choices – you can either roll them or use a canvas drop cloth for your carpet. This should help prevent any splatter of paint from falling on the carpet. And cleaning up the carpet after the accident can turn out to be an expensive exercise which is why you need to cover them with canvas drop cloths.
  • Hardwood floors: If you happen to have a wooden floor, then using either canvas or plastic sheets to cover it up would only cause you to slip on the slippery surface and fall. And that’s why it makes sense to cover the floors with rosin paper as it would be perfect. You should be able to use it with ease to cover up the floors, irrespective of whether the surface is slippery or not. Just use the rosin paper. The good news just keeps getting better, it is not that expensive either.
  • Cover up all the electrical sockets: You also need to cover up the electrical switches in the room. Think about it,  it may not be a deliberate action on your part but still, by covering up these electrical wiring and sockets, you can avoid the inevitable splatters.
  • Protect your doors and windows: You also need to protect your doors and windows. Just make sure that you use drop cloths to cover them all up so that no paint splatters on them.

These are a few essential pointers on how to avoid a mess while painting.


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