How to Assemble Furniture Quickly and Easily


Almost everyone has purchased a shelf, table, or chair from a big box store. This furniture is typically delivered in flat boxes, with hazy instructions and frequently missing parts. We’ve learned a thing or two about making assembly easier after years of assembling these random pieces of furniture. In this article, we’ll go over some handyman furniture assembly tips that you can use on your next project.

Organize Your Workspace

It is critical to clean and clear your work area before beginning any assembly. With a large, open area to assemble furniture, you can spread out parts without worrying about hiding that tiny bag of screws that always seems to go missing.

Find a Partner

Having someone assist you with furniture assembly can be extremely beneficial and even enjoyable at times. One person can read the directions while the other looks for the correct part. When you work with others, the assembly process is often faster and more efficient.

Organize and unpack

After you’ve cleared your workspace, open the furniture box and start sorting through the contents. Sort the pieces according to their visual similarity. Assembled furniture frequently includes various screws, nuts, bolts, caps, and so on. To keep these small parts from scattering during assembly, use sandwich bags or cups to organize them.

Read the Directions

We’ve all met someone who refuses to read assembly instructions. While their assembly projects may go off without a hitch, this approach can cause serious issues when assembling a more complex piece of furniture. When you read the directions, start identifying the items listed to familiarize yourself before you start assembling.

Gather the Necessary Equipment

If you buy a less complicated piece of furniture, it will usually come with the tools needed for assembly, which is usually a hex key (also called Allen wrench). If you’re putting together something more complicated, you might need a few extra tools to make the job easier. An adjustable wrench, Philips and flathead screwdrivers, a rubber mallet, a level, and a tape measure are all useful tools to have.

Allow Plenty of Time

Remember that assembling furniture is not a race. When you rush through an assembly, something will almost certainly be overlooked, resulting in problems with the final product. Be patient and double-check your work to ensure that the furniture is correctly assembled the first time.

Hire a Handyman

If you don’t have time to assemble furniture or if you can’t finish a piece, hiring a professional handyman may be the answer.

Smith Handyman Service is familiar with various types of furniture and has all of the necessary tools to make assembly a breeze. We provide a comprehensive range of handyman furniture assembly services. We’re here to help if you need it.

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Everyone understands that some assembly is usually followed by a lot of assembly. Mr. Handyman will get your furniture and equipment out of the box and into your home or yard so you don’t have to worry about following complicated instructions. The instructions for assembling a new piece of furniture can be confusing, and the assembly itself can be complicated and time-consuming. Mr. Handyman professionals respond quickly to assembly requests.

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Put together furniture

Don’t want to or have the time to assemble your own furniture? Zoofy provides furniture assembly services. At first glance, putting together a wardrobe, TV cabinet, or bed appears to be a simple task. Nonetheless, furniture assembly is a service for which we receive numerous job requests. Do you have two left hands, a limited amount of time, or simply prefer convenience when it comes to assembling a cupboard? Then the Zoofy furniture assembly service is perfect for you. Our handymen do furniture assembly on a regular basis, so putting together a piece of furniture is second nature to them. Because your new wardrobe, TV cabinet, or bed is usually put together quickly, the costs for furniture assembly are more than reasonable.

What kinds of furniture can our handyman put together?

Our wonderful handyman can assemble any flat-pack furniture you require. He’s an expert at putting together furniture. From the most basic bookcase to the most complex beds and chests of drawers, our handyman is here to help you get the job done right. Whether you’ve already tried to assemble the piece of furniture yourself and given up, or you don’t know where to start, he’ll come and assist you!

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When should you hire our furniture assembly service?

Of course, you can use our handyman furniture assembly service whenever you need it. Many of our cleaning customers appreciate the fact that we also provide this service. It adds another dimension to our services, implying that they can rely on us to complete any tasks around the house.