How Technologies Can Help Landlords?

Technologies Can Help Landlords
Technologies Can Help Landlords

From smart computers to smartphones, smartwatches, and appliances, our lives are wreathed with tech devices. From the way we order food, book tickets, or pay our bills, technologies have transformed how we live our lives. This has also made our modern life a whole lot easier than how people were living a few years ago.

Not only it saves our time and money, but also saves energy. But, the technology isn’t limited to the benefits of ordinary folks, it can offer a lot of benefits to the landlords as well both new and old.

Most rental properties in Baltimore are run by part-time landlords and the digital assets allow them to do their tasks and run the property management business with ease. If you want to run your rental property business in Baltimore without any obstacles then switch to technologies that will make your present life a whole lot easier than before. This will help you to work efficiently and effectively giving you time for all the other things that matter a lot.

In this article, we will know how and what technologies can help landlords to run their part-time businesses effortlessly. And, also the reasons why being a landlord you should use technologies.

What Technologies Smart Property Investors Are Using?

Smart home security systems

Being a landlord it’s your responsibility to keep your Baltimore rental property in a safe condition, especially if you are managing a multi-family unit like a condominium.

Security is the foremost factor that attracts quality tenants. Everybody wants to live in a safe place. So, you can do this by having smart home security systems like biometrical and facial detection systems. This will help you to prevent the entry of unknown or unwanted guests into the premises. Also, this ensures the common areas of the property are accessing by the residents only.

With smart security cameras, you can see the live surveillance footage of your building on your phone.

Smart meters

Smart meters are designed to replace old meters. Now, you don’t have to check the readings of the meters as the smart meter transfer the data automatically.

And not only this, you and your tenants can also monitor energy usage. This helps both the landlord and tenants to know when too much energy is consuming and take necessary steps to adjust the usage.  This will help the tenants with low income to reduce the bill to some extent.

Also, it is useful for the landlords when the electricity and gas bills come under the landlord’s liability. You can monitor the energy usage by the tenants and make adjustments accordingly.

Virtual tour

Smartphones have made this work a lot easier for the landlords as well as tenants. Also, the outbreak of COVID-19 has forced real estate investors to contactless showings. Well, this has also benefited the potentials tenants, who live in another city or state and couldn’t come to see the property. With this, you can show your property to people without being around there and this is only possible with smartphones and devices.

It’s worth saying you should be present if your property is currently occupied by tenants. And if it’s vacant then you can show the property virtually. In fact, if you are a long-distance landlord, managing your rental homes in Baltimore from a long-distance place then also you can virtually help your tenants moving into your property.

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Online maintenance requests

Tenants will always raise repair issues or maintenance requests. But how they will inform you? Can they contact you directly or have to contact the property manager? How long will you take to respond? If you take more than a day to fix the issues then it’s time to count on technologies.

Everybody wants to get their problems fixed swiftly and so as the tenants. Being a landlord it’s your responsibility to get it fixed as quickly as possible. For this, use technologies. There are a few apps or software that you can use for this. The tenants will easily inform about the problems or issues in real-time. You or your property management company can immediately get it fixed by finding the right person for the job.

Also, the tenants can show you the real footage or images of the damages. You will also get a database of receipts, which you can use for rental property tax deduction.

Smart smoke detectors

Smart smoke detectors that send real-time alerts to your smartphones are something that must be installed in every house though it is a rental or residential property in Baltimore. This enhances safety in your rental property, especially for the empty ones. There are many causes of house fires, but sometimes the fire also occurs where no one is there. In such situations, smart smoke detectors work as life saviors. If a fire is detected this will send real-time alerts to your phone and you can take action immediately no matter where you are.


If we talk about smart home technologies then yes, they are definitely worth it. Every property or real estate investor should start using these technologies. Not only will these help you to save your time and money, but also help in fighting the current challenges of the private rental sector.

Do let us know how many smart tech devices and technologies you have invested in for your Baltimore rental properties.

And if you have no idea of how to manage your rental homes in Baltimore using all the smart tech devices then simply hire a professional property management company in Baltimore.


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