How Route Planning Software Optimises FMCG Sector


Logistics is one of the most time and labour intensive sectors across industries, and FMCG is the most demanding sector of all. Route planning software optimised the way both sectors operate with the help of automation.

Considering fleet management software to be the umbrella software, then a route planning system is one of the subsidiary solutions it offers. However, it is a complete vehicle monitoring solution for the Food and Beverage sector.

Benefits The Route Planning Software Offers to the FMCG Sector

If we look at the bigger picture and talk about the practical benefits a route planning system offered to the supply chain of an FMCG company, the list is long.

  • Automatic Trip Planning

Tour creation and trip management are essential parts of FMCG supply chain management. Every day almost a hundred trucks leave the production unit or the warehouse. Could you imagine managing the entire operations manually in this fast-moving age? No, right? Route planning software such as TrackoBit automates tour creation, trip management and route planning.

  • Hassle-free Trip Management

The route planning software monitors the vehicles in real-time and generates reports of each event, such as overspeeding, idling, route deviation and more. You receive instant alerts in case of a breach. Assign trips to the drivers, allot routes to each trip, and mark the forbidden areas as geofences. Voila! you are good to go.

  • Improved Productivity and Profitability

When you assign the most cost-effective route through effective route planning and tackle all possible loopholes, you notice an automatic improvement in productivity. With the increase in productivity, profit margin also increases.

  • Improved Client Satisfaction

Effective route planning enables on-time deliveries, reduces delayed deliveries and lessens downtime. Software aided-trip management ensures everything is well-documented and reported. It helps you answer client queries. You can share ETAs with clients when they expect a delivery and PODs when the delivery is done. 

  • Consignment Safety

One of the biggest concerns of the logistics business is the safety of consignments. While FMCG consignments are not very delicate or expensive yet some of them are prone to theft, such as cigarettes, tobacco, and other products. Software features, such as real-time tracking, lock/unlock, parking mode, and SOS button ensures complete vehicle security.

Features Offered By Route Planning Software

Analytics and reports that a route planning system produces help you find problem areas in the operations, whereas the features offered by the software help you overcome them. 

  • Route Deviation Alerts

Every time a vehicle deviates from the assigned route you receive an alert or a notification with the time, location and the vehicle number.

  • Automatic ETAs

When a vehicle is out for deliveries you receive ETA for the next and individual delivery stops.

  • Proof of Delivery

Advanced Route planning software offers different types of PODs such as Automatic PODs, QR supported, E-sign and OTP supported PODs.

  • Temperature Sensing

Route planning solutions support a cold supply chain with a complete temperature monitoring system. You receive an alert when the temperature drops or rises beyond the set limit.

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Monitor every move of the driver. Get detailed reports on harsh braking, sudden acceleration, harsh cornering, overspeeding, and vehicle idling.

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