How Important Questions help students in Board Examination?

Important Questions For Board Exam

Referring to important questions is essential for students. Important questions help students to look for the important parts of the chapter rather than wasting their time on unnecessary topics. Class 10 and 12 is crucial in students’ life, they’re preparing for the board examinations for the first time. Their need to ace the examination is very high. That is the reason why students refer to other books, sample papers, previous year question papers, etc.

Types of Important Questions Students need for Board Examination

1. Sample Papers 

Various sample papers and papers from the last 10 years are available in bookstores on the market. Buy such sample papers and papers from 10 years ago and try to solve them, without the questions provided in your books at the end of each topic. You can also solve Important questions for class 10 maths. It will definitely help students with their full preparation and get a better view of the format as it will appear in their board tests. Also, try to resolve the questions provided at the end of each topic.

2. Previous Year Question Papers

Try out the old test papers in your classroom and familiarize yourself with the test format. Practice answering those questions on time and check your answers against your school notes to make sure you get them right. Students are always encouraged to solve some of the previous question papers, especially if they are done after a review of the entire syllabus. Practising a list of questions helps you to track your level of preparation and to identify where you are lacking or strong.

3. Mock Tests

Students should also refer to the mock tests given online on the different education websites. In schools, students must give all the class tests so that they can acknowledge their preparations for the examination. Try to solve Important Questions for Class 12 Physics Mock tests are necessary for students as it shows the strengths and weaknesses of the student. After giving online mock tests the answer series is also provided to the students with logical methods so that they can work on their methods as well. 

4. Chapters Exercise

In the middle and end of the chapter, a series of questions is given there which helps students to find out the important topics of the chapters and help them clear the concepts. These questions also help the students to understand the pattern of the questions asked in the examination. The ‘Did You Know’ and ‘ Important Questions’ boxes in the middle of the chapters are very helpful as they include external information students need to know.

How to prepare with the help of the questions?

1. Time management

All the questions will help you with time management, with the help of the important questions you’ll be able to practice questions and complete your paper on time. Important questions prepare you for the difficulty level of the examination so that even if the face difficult questions in the examination, you’ll not lose your cool and calm and be able to focus on the board examination. 

2. Examination Strategy

 With the help of important questions, you’ll be able to make the examination strategy and understand which topic is important and carries extra marks weightage. It also ensures that students would not focus on external topics which unnecessary and are not much important for the examination. Sample questions give you an overview of the examination which is very important.

3. Test yourself

The best way to practice essential questions is to sit in a quiet place at home in a chair with a table, keep your water bottle and all the standing things you need. Make sure you eat before the session. Now start the clock again as tests, solve questions on the answer sheet as you would in the test. Be sure to turn off your phone and any interruptions. Get help from your parents and tell them to do the same. Learn with Important Questions for Class 12 Maths.

Once you have made the question test, give your teacher in the schools or subjects the answer sheet and the sample. Or you could look at the answer book. Make sure you do a critical analysis of the answer sheet and point out every single mistake, even spelling errors or bad handwriting. This will ensure that you are ready to give that complete answer to your final exams.


After you have prepared well for the board test, there will come a time when the answer sheet should show the hard work done during the preparation. Tests often bring stress, but too much stress can ruin your preparation. Don’t forget to take care of your health, diet, and sleep. Good mental and physical health is very important in testing. After reading, take time to relax your mind and body, eat well to build up your energy, sleep well at night and maintain a positive attitude about your exams.


 Focus on the tests but relax, you have made arrangements, now is the time to reap the rewards. Learners must follow the correct strategies and techniques for writing the answers in the best way that will enable them to complete the test early. You can also practice important questions with Important Questions for Class 10 Science. Students should make good use of the 15 minutes they are given before they start writing their answers as this will help them to understand the questions and prepare appropriately.


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