How Does Fleet Management Software Save Managers’ Time?

How Does Fleet Management Software Save Managers’ Time
How Does Fleet Management Software Save Managers’ Time

Most of a manager’s time goes into planning, strategizing, and well, saving time. Managing fleets without fleet management software is an especially challenging task. Why? Because its functions are generally not manager-centric and the administrative tasks take up too much time.


So, how does fleet management software help save a manager’s admin time? What can software do that will make human functions simpler and time-effective? Let’s find out in this article! 


Why Are Paper-Based Fleet Management Systems Dated? 


Fleet management comes with administrative tasks such as vehicle tracking, ETA generation, and consignment safety management. 


While things such as driver database management can be done on paper, most other functions are too space and time-consuming. For example, manually checking where each vehicle is in real-time comes with uncountable calls and paperwork. 


SAP in their latest report mentioned that 80% of leaders believe their organization’s profitability to have increased since they adopted digital fleet management systems. Here are a few reasons why paper-based management was deterring them from their road to success:


  • Humans are prone to errors and fixing them can be time-consuming 
  • Without digital GPS tracking, knowing each vehicle’s whereabouts is cumbersome 
  • Managing all administrative functions on different platforms leads to confusion 
  • Without sensors, collecting data from the vehicles is improbable
  • Forming end-of-month performance reports by analysing the massive amount of data from vehicles and drivers is not easy for managers


How Do Fleet Management Software Save Manager’s Time? 


Fleet management software offers certain features that allow fleet managers to get rid of admin tasks. When software takes care of administrative tasks, managers get a window to look into more important resource optimization and strategizing. Here are a few things that software takes care of:


  • Flawless Execution: Unlike humans, software is supposed to conduct operations flawlessly. When software conducts operations perfectly in one go, the organization saves time. Moreover, there is no need to redo tasks and waste time. 
  • Information Collection: Software integration with sensors collects information such as trip history. This data when used correctly allows managers to devise strategies with the potential to decrease each vehicle’s travel time, fuel, and resource consumption. 
  • Data Analysis: Instead of sitting down with documents to analyze enormous amounts of information, managers can check the bite-sized information served by fleet management software. This way, they save loads of time in driver, vehicle, and consignment supervision. 
  • Document Management: Cloud-based fleet management is the best way to store documents in one place. Therefore, any time a fleet manager needs specific information, they do not have to look for a single document in heaps of papers. Instead, they can go on their software to find the document with a simple locate option. 


Summing Up 


The future of fleet management and GPS tracking lies in digitalization. With fleet management software, managers can focus on things that specifically need humans and not machines such as supervision and strategizing. 

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