How do i get my laminate floors to shine again with the steam mop?

How do i get my laminate floors to shine again with the steam mop

Do you know Laminate Floors are one of the more affordable options available when you are looking at getting flooring for your home? They are versatile, easy to install, and can look great when put down in an attractive pattern.

These laminate floors can also be very easy to maintain and clean however over time they can start to look less than amazing. Whether it is because you have small children running around or pets running around, they can get dirty quickly.

This blog will give you some tips about how do I get my laminate floors to shine again with the steam mop?

Basic Steps of Steam mop the laminate floors

There are the following basic steps about how do I get my laminate floors to shine again with the steam mop? Such as

Analyze if Your Laminate is sealed

Laminate flooring won’t retain too much dirt or grime, but it’s worth checking whether you have unsealed laminate flooring. Unsealed laminate flooring won’t look shiny – more like a duller version of the sealed kind.

You can check whether your floors are sealed or not by brushing some sort of abrasive material across the floor. If the surface isn’t left with any sort of residue after you’ve brushed it, then your laminate flooring is likely unsealed!

Analyze if Your Laminate is sealed

Select best steam mop for laminate floor

While it’s true that many floor mop products are great for wooden floors, the type you pick should be tailored for all-wooden floors. For example, cheaper models tend to have spinning brushes which could damage your laminate flooring.

The best way to see how a product is suitable for your wood floor is by checking the manufacturer’s website and seeing if he/she has any specific handling instructions like avoiding this or that or ensuring that it doesn’t come into contact with certain parts of the flooring.

Sweep or vacuum

Before using your steam mop on the floor, please read the manual. The mop is not meant for picking up large amounts of dirt. You also do not want to grind dirt into the laminate as you steam the floor.

Steam mops are great for final polish and picking up the smallest particles. Always move furniture when you sweep or vacuum. Dust can accumulate beneath, so never aim your vents from your furnace or air conditioning at a swept floor!

Sweep or vacuum

Analyze microfiber cloth of your mop

It’s important that you not only look at the state of your mop before starting to clean your floor but also throughout the job. If you see that your mop’s microfiber material is getting beaten up by the muck of grime sticking to it, change out parts of it.

You don’t want to get the dirt on your hands or yourself while cleaning because this could lead to somebody becoming sick.

Use steam mop on the lowest setting

When using a steam mop try to set it to low temperature and use the palm of your hand to move the steam along the floor.

Don’t stick your hand directly under the water to control the steam with a mechanical rocker, because this can damage the laminate without even making contact with it.

Use steam mop on the lowest setting

Don’t use multi-surface cleaners

All-purpose household cleaners should never be used on laminate floors. The chemicals in these types of cleaning agents can dull the finish of the laminate flooring over time. That’s why it is best to use a light steam mop often.

Move quickly when using a steam mop

It’s important to move quickly when using your steam mop on laminate floors. Once they are wet, you’ll find them much easier to clean up.

When it comes to cleaning them, make sure rustling is kept to a minimum, since the material often becomes warped when exposed to damp floors for extended periods.

While most laminate brands are resistant to damage from moisture, some types may be vulnerable even though it isn’t visible immediately.

Keep in mind that warping may already be occurring if your floor feels oddly bouncy or smells odd after cleaning with your steam mop.

Move quickly when using a steam mop

Keep in mind

Manufacturers do not recommend using a steam mop on laminate floors in general and for good reason; the high heat, moisture, and pressure that it uses could warp or peel your floor’s topcoat.

However, many people that use steam mops seem to get away with it because they pay attention to their manufacturer’s instructions.

If you do not wish to go out and purchase (and deal with the weight of) a microfiber mop or Swiffer, simply grab one of these machines and wipe down your laminate using your favorite cleaning solutions!

Make sure you take the time to pay attention to how much steam is coming out and make sure you lay off if it seems like there may be too much moisture being used on the floor because it can also cause problems similar to those caused by other methods.

However, there is one thing one must recognize before doing this: if your floor is not sealed then you absolutely should not attempt this at all.

FAQs related to the Topic

Do steam cleaners ruin laminate floors?

Cleaning Laminate floors can be easy. Avoid using steam cleaners or wet mops which could potentially cause damage to the surface of the floor, so simply clean up spills as soon as they happen with a cloth dampened in water.   

Make sure to use only cleaning products made specifically for laminate floor care, especially on high-gloss finishes, which are prone to scratches and show dirt.

How do you remove haze from laminate floors?

Using a 50-50 solution of warm water and white vinegar, commonly found in households, will remove most haze spots on laminate flooring or tile that is caused by improper cleaning or neglecting to follow the guidelines provided after installation.

It’s best to mop the area with the solution and then let it sit for several minutes before completely wiping clean with plain water.

Why do my laminate floors look cloudy?

A cloudy film on your laminate floors is a bad thing. Since it’s directly impacting your ability to see your poorly shined shoes, you’ve been busy searching for ways to get rid of this unsightly fog.

Soon after you set out trying different products but nothing seemed to work until one day the idea came to you of using an excessive amount of product hoping that it would help get rid of this embarrassing malady.

Well sorry to disappoint but too much moisture can seep beneath laminate and ruin it, so please use caution when applying liquids just in case some gets on the flooring

How do I make my floor shine after mopping?

You have to keep your floors shiny if you want to have the cutest house around. Scuff marks, food dyes, and tromped-on dirt are enough to ruin the look of some floors. Applying a little elbow grease on these surfaces causes them to pick up shine quickly or it can even come off completely if there is soil underneath.

That’s why you need to treat the stains before buffing. Use a mop that fits easily between your toes and has a swivel joint wherever possible because this allows it to go into tight spaces more efficiently.

Be sure not to use too much force with your floor mop because this might make scratches on both wood floors and tile.

Why is my laminate floor sticky after mopping?

If you have stains on your laminate floors, it’s common to blame cleaners. In reality, cleaning agents are as likely as many other factors – from construction debris left from installation to scuffs from furniture moving in and out – to have been the cause of those marks which now tarnish your floors.

Dip a few rags into a bucket, wring the rags out, and then swab your floor from end to end. Remember to pay extra attention to your floors along the edges where they meet the walls because often that is where stains begin!

Can you put a clear coat on laminate floors?

One of the best ways to seal a laminate floor is with a polyurethane coating, but only if the planks and floor weren’t already sealed at their manufacturer.

You’ll need to mop the floor thoroughly with soap and water first before applying anything else since you want to be sure there’s no residue from previous products.

Simply using soap and mop won’t be enough to rid the wood of residue, so afterward you will need to let it stand overnight after mopping.

Then, proceed with sealing by coating individual planks or spraying the entire outer surface down with a paintbrush or roller.


Laminate flooring is popular because it gives the appearance of hardwood or tile flooring without the high cost or extra work.

If you have laminated flooring it only makes sense that you want to keep it looking nice getting laminate floors to shine can be a lengthy and difficult process, and it can be almost impossible to do by yourself so that is why a steam mop can help to remove those stubborn marks and stains from the floor. It can also shine the floor back up for a clean, bright finish.

We hope you’ve found some useful information about how to get laminate floors to shine again with a steam mop.

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