How Can I Structure My A-Levels Economics Essays?


There are three main ways to structure your A-levels economics essay: generating sub-questions, making use of command words, and re-reading and revising. Generating sub-questions strengthens the integrity of your argument. Finally, revise your essay to remove any errors and improve its flow. To start, identify which content areas you need to focus on. Then, identify which economic theories or concepts will make up your essay.

Re-reading and revising your essay:

In order to improve your A-levels economics essay, it is essential that you read your notes carefully and make a revision to your essays. It is crucial to understand all of the key terms and concepts in economics, so it is essential to read widely to prepare for your essay. If you are unsure about which economics textbook to use, consult your teacher for suggestions. Once you have finished reading your notes, write them down in full sentences and reword them to ensure that your brain processes them properly. Also, don’t be shy to answer questions in class and participate in classroom discussions.


As with any revision, remembering your notes is essential. You should take the time to consolidate and streamline them as much as possible. You can use lecture slides, previous notes, and even your textbook for notes. Make sure to include key concepts, examples, evaluations, and at least one conflicting argument. Also, don’t copy paragraphs that aren’t essential to the topic. A brief list of important information will trigger your memory on the morning of the exam.

Generating sub-questions:

The process of generating sub-questions in an A-levels economics essay begins with the theory. You must commit to a topic that is complex enough to allow sufficient analysis and critical evaluation of the topic. Using the DPEEL as a framework, you can tease out sub-questions to support your main argument. You should also ensure that the sub-questions you choose are descriptive in nature.


When writing an economic essay, it is imperative to read the question several times. Highlight any keywords and phrases. Do not lose sight of the question! The question itself can be broken down into sub-questions to provide more space for discussion. The next step is to determine which theory you will use to answer the question. This will help you determine the best way to answer the question. Once you have identified the theory you want to use, you can proceed with writing your economic essay.


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