How Bitcoin and Betting Apps Work Together


Not getting bogged down by your bank or credit cared while trying to spend your money as you please seems like it should be more a right than a privilege. Unfortunately in today’s atmosphere, banks and governments want to put the clamp down on anything they don’t like. This goes for cryptocurrency and betting apps alike.

Luckily those two very things combined can cut out those annoying middlemen and allow the sports bettor freedom to do as he pleases with his money. A sportsbook that accepts bitcoin can be found by doing a quick Google search. They will either convert your funds into fiat so you can wager on your favorite football team or you can keep it in bitcoin’s smaller denominations, also called “Satoshi’s”.

You can buy a cold wallet and store it in your home or you can utilize an online hot wallet to power your account. The future of money is one in which we do not have to get an approval from an authority figure every time we want to use it. A full grown adult should be able to spend it on whatever he or she likes just so long as they are not harming those around them.

Chances are you can still deposit to your sportsbook using your credit card but don’t be too shocked if it gets declined. Banks are often scared of interacting with sports betting or casino companies. With cryptocurrency, it’s your money and your decision what happens to it.


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