How 2nd-Hand Smoke Influence Pregnancy?

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Hazards to pregnant women and babies

90% of pregnant women who passively smoke secondhand smoke can detect harmful substances such as nicotine in the amniotic fluid of the uterus, indicating that tobacco smoke directly pollutes the intrauterine environment where the fetus grows. China Food Network reminds that secondhand smoke exposure is an important risk factor for pregnant women to develop pregnancy-induced hypertension and pregnancy complications. Wholesale car air purifier can help pregnant women to remove secondhand smoke.

At the same time, secondhand smoke exposure has serious effects on their health in many aspects from the beginning of the fetus. Secondhand smoke exposure also affects the proliferation and differentiation of embryonic cells, resulting in abnormal embryonic development, manifested in developmental disorders of the nervous system and intrauterine growth retardation.


Wholesale car air purifier
Wholesale car air purifier

If a mother inhales secondhand smoke for a long time during pregnancy, most of the harmful chemicals released when the tobacco is burned can “harass” innocent babies through the placenta. In particular, toxic gases such as carbon monoxide will reduce the blood oxygen concentration in the mother’s body. It will lead to fetal hypoxia.

Still the addictive drug nicotine in tobacco can cause vascular stenosis and slow down blood flow, which means that it is provided to the fetus. The nutrients and oxygen will be reduced, and it is easy to cause premature birth of the baby. However, premature infants are prone to respiratory, digestive, thermoregulation and other dysfunctions, and even die shortly after birth.

Triggered childhood asthma, pneumonia, ear inflammation

Children are the biggest victims of environmental pollution. Typically, children experience higher environmental exposures than adults, they breathe more air than adults, and thus breathe in more pollutants. Although children are hyperactive, with poor self-protection ability and an unsound immune function, they are most vulnerable to pollutants.

If the father smokes at home, the children will not act against it at all, nor will they take some measures to protect themselves. They have to smoke second-hand smoke. However, the harm of secondhand smoke to children’s health mainly includes: causing infant asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, bronchitis, pneumonia and ear inflammation. Especially when they are in cars, car air purifier industry develops fast. Car air purifier helps children to get clean air.



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