It is the Indian tourist as well as tourism and hospitality sector is now one of the main contributors to the expansion of the Indian economy.This sector has gained an increasing amount of attention, especially in the realm of management of tourism and hospitality in India. It is now one of the largest contributing factors to the growth of a country and state. It is not the only one. The tourism and travel sector has an inextricable link and the hospitality sector.Both are together.With many courses offered by India’s most prestigious hotels and tourism colleges, it is crucial to be aware of these programs, including the career the path you choose to take after your graduation. It is a fact that there are a requirement to fill different positions within the hospitality industry. This means that those who have completed their training and are certified in various fields are required in the business.


Candidates are able to check the eligibility requirements for admission to Hospitality Management Colleges in India.The requirements for eligibility include academic percentage, aggregate total, subjects studied and entrance test recognized.


A student may pursue the Diploma in Hotel Management after passing the 10th class exam. Some state level colleges offer students with admission into diploma courses based on the marks scored in the state-level diploma admission examination.pursue graduate programs for tourism and hotel management should have an average grade of at minimum 50% in 12th class. Candidates who are interested in the BHM program must pass the entrance tests similar to that of the NCHM JEE The criteria for eligibility for postgraduate programs is finishing the program with at minimum 45 percent marks.Hotel Management can be completed in between three and four years of Bachelor’s degrees. Hotel Management is a course that can be completed following B.Com, B.Sc.,B. A.,e.t.c.

A few of the most prestigious institutions for tourism and hotel management accept students through the PG entrance exam.A student may enroll in a certificate course at any time during his studies after having completed the 12th grade and no entrance exam is needed for this certificate course.


There are a variety of top hotels management schools in India which offer tourism and hospitality courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The benefit of attending these institutions is that you will be well-trained in different areas of the business, so as to become proficient and relevant to the current requirements. It is also possible to complete certificates and diplomas on hospitality or tourism.Here is an overview of the various programs in this field.


Now when it comes to careers in tourism,job profiles are also in good numbers.Presently,the industry of hospitality and tourism has opened up many new avenues where employment opportunities are also immense.There is a gamut of options for candidates who have graduated from hospitality and tourism colleges both in India and abroad,thus expanding their career prospects.Some of the job opportunities and career outlook available in the industry are as follows:

Travel Agent

and Restaurant Management and Restaurant Management

Club Manager

Tour operators

Organiser of events and conferences

Executive chef

Hospital Administration and Catering

Airline Catering and Cabin Services

The Leisure Activity Coordinator.

The tourism and travel industry accounts for 9.8 percent of the world’s GDP, and is growing.The industry is highly flexible and adapts to the needs of consumers. From travel to cocktails, the business is always evolving to grow and become better.The typical salary for an individual can range between Rs15,000 and Rs30,000 monthly, depending on the length of time of experience gained from internships and other training undertaken by the candidate.Employers seek out competent candidates who have knowledge and experience within the business.Careers in the field of hospitality and tourism don’t only revolve around taking a dip and having fun at work however they aren’t your typical nine-to-five office job either.Thus making sure you follow the right curriculum from the above list of hospitality and tourism courses after 12th grade will allow you find your ideal job.Hospitality and tourism classes are offered in hotels and management schools along with hotels and tourism schools located in India.Most of the degree programs in hospitality and tourism in India will be offered for 3-4 years at the UG level. PG tourism and hospitality courses are scheduled with a maximum of two years.The length of the courses offered in degree colleges will be determined by the institutions that offer the courses according to the guidelines provided to AICTE in conjunction with UGC.

There are numerous courses that are offered in Hospitality and Tourism, such as Master of Tourism Management (MTM), Masters of Tourism Administration and Bachelor of Tourism and Management which can be completed to create a successful profession in the hospitality and tourism business.



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