Hoodies For Men Inspo Guide: 7 Ways To Rock The Comfort & Classic Look


Men’s hoodies are the cornerstone of athleisure fashion and provide as much style as comfort. Men are generally more fashionable than their previous generations, and we are all here for it! Hoodies make for a great top layer and also can be layered up during a vacation to a colder region. They are warm and cosy so lounging at home in them is as convenient as going for a hike or to the gym. Some hoodies are soft, while others are moisture-wicking, so you can wear your hoodies to warm up your muscles before a workout and then gently cool them down. This will help you prevent various types of injuries from working out with muscles that have not been warmed up yet.

  1. Colourblock Hoodies FTW!

Men’s colourblock hoodies are incredibly stylish and worth every penny when you want to style yourself easily and quickly for a cold night out with friends or family. Due to their crew-neck style, you can also wear them on their own instead of as a layer. So, pair your navy blue men’s joggers with a blue and off-white colourblock men’s hoodie for a bike ride out on a cold night. Layer up with a bomber jacket if the temperature is too low, and accessorise with a chest bag to carry your belongings securely and safely.


  1. Half-Zip Men’s Running Hoodies

Half-zip running hoodies are more convenient to put on and take off than crew-neck men’s hoodies. Even if you get too hot on your run, you should be able to unzip your hoodie, if you’d like to and get some cool air before resuming your run. Pair your men’s white running shorts with a moisture-wicking white t-shirt, white compression socks, white running sneakers and a dark grey men’s running hoodie. The dark grey colour will retain more warmth than the rest of your white monochromatic outfit and also break the stunning monochrome and make it even trendier.


  1. The Printed Loose Men’s Hoodies

Printed men’s hoodies are the quickest and easiest to style since the print gives them a bright and bold personality. So, feel free to pair them with the most basic men’s pants like dark blue or black jeans, black men’s trackpants, men’s shorts matching the hoodie’s base colour, etc. Wear a collared polo t-shirt on the inside so the collar can stick out of the crew neck loose hoodie and give you an interestingly relaxed yet form-defining silhouette. Wear this combination with your vibrant chunky-soled men’s sneakers.


  1. Full-zip Men’s Hoodies

Full-zip hoodies are the most convenient hoodies of them all since they can get you the wearable and removable comfort of a half-zip hoodie and the warmth of a non-zipped one. So, pair your full-zip men’s hoodies with men’s workout pants like joggers, trackpants, shorts, etc. A monochromatic grey look with your full-zip hoodie will be incredibly attractive since men’s grey joggers have been trending for the past few years now. Break the pattern monochrome by keeping everything else solid except your grey t-shirt’s all-over print.


  1. Men’s Basketball Hoodies

Basketball is one of the coolest sports that is played globally. So much of the athleisure fashion we enjoy right now comes from the cool basketball players and their commitment to blending comfort and style. So, pair your fiery bright yet cool basketball hoodie made up with a cool pattern all over in the colours yellow, orange, blue, and black. This hoodie can be paired with matching basketball shorts, black joggers, blue trackpants, jeans, and so many more types of pants. Finally, pair this outfit with bright red men’s mid sneakers so you can comfortably function while looking like a celebrity.


  1. Men’s Hoodies with Adjustable Hoods

Men’s hoodies with adjustable drawcords for your convenience are simply amazing since they can actively dress you up or down depending on the weather and temperature. Leave your hood down or pull it over your head; the drawcords will keep it in place. So, pair your navy blue hoodie with a bold brand Wordmark and adjustable drawcords for an early morning hike or a long ride to the gym and pair perfectly with the rest of your outfit.


  1. Layer Up for Cold Vacations!

Use your men’s hoodies as a middle layer between your t-shirt and a cool winter jacket on your family vacations to colder regions. This outfit will not only keep you warm but also improve your pictures’ instagrammability. So, go for a stunning black monochromatic look by pairing your black slim-fit men’s jeans with a black t-shirt, a black hoodie, and high-top men’s black sneakers. And fully break this monochromatic black outfit with a bright red men’s down jacket. This outfit is sure to turn heads everywhere you go!


Most Indian cities are getting increasingly colder in the winter, and the season is even lasting longer than before. So, men’s hoodies are quickly becoming a wardrobe essential. Bulky and prickly sweaters are out now, and sleek, stylish and warm are in. So, pick your favourite trendiest men’s hoodies online and sit back comfortably while they basically style themselves!



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