Here Are 3 Reasons Home Cleaning Should Be At The Top Of Your To-Do List


Have you ever been woken up with frantic sneezes and coughs? Do you blame it on the seasonal touches of flu? 

But what if we tell you that- your home may be the culprit! 

Yes, more often than not, our houses are dirtier than the rest of the world outside. We need to clean it regularly, and if you don’t have time, there are numerous house cleaners in La Mesa that can help you attain a clean, germ-free home that will keep your family safe and healthy.

In this article, we’ll look at five ways that poor housecleaning may affect your health.

Let’s have a look.

 Dust Intrusion

Dust is more than simply a nuisance particle in the air we breathe. 

Dust can be found almost anywhere! Check your carpets, beds, and furniture for the presence of dust mites, and they will be there. These dust particles are irritating to our sinuses, encompassing our nose, mouth, ears, and frontal lobes. 

Did you know that when kids are exposed to such amounts of dust, it can trigger their immune system and cause them to get respiratory illnesses? 

According to research, dust mites contribute to the degeneration of our immunological system and neurological system since our immune system is always combating dust. 

Moreover, if you have sinus issues, asthma or any upper respiratory illness, dust is something you should be far away from. 

Excessive Bacteria

How often does cross-contamination happen?

While the figures are alarming, cross-contamination happens on a massive scale. This means germs and microbes can spread and multiply by travelling to many other locations—bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Some bacteria aren’t deadly, and our immune systems can fight them off. However, certain microorganisms are toxic and can cause significant health problems.

Nobody should sit about expecting such microorganisms to play havoc in their homes. Instead, disinfect it regularly to eliminate the bacteria that cause sickness.


Moisture is the source and trigger of mould growth, and leaks in the interior of a house cause the majority of water damage. It might be a result of plumbing difficulties or leaking basements.

Moisture can also be absorbed through a process known as “condensation.” Condensation, like water damage from leaks, may be harmful and lead to mould growth if not addressed.

When the outdoor air is cooler than the interior air, condensation forms on the windows and doors, leaking into the walls.

If proper care is not taken to clean and address the problem from the start, it might later lead to a health hazard.

What can you do?

Using HEPA filters in your HVAC system might help to reduce the spread of dust. Instead of wearing outdoor shoes, you can wear flip-flops at home, and be sure to clean the upholstery well. You should always check the plumbing fittings, gutters, and any leaks for moisture penetration.

Bottom Line

Cleaning is one approach to keep respiratory disease at bay if your health is a top priority. Furthermore, if you are strapped for time, you may always hire professionals since a clean atmosphere will help you operate better, sleep better, and feel a lot better.


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