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So yeah, you know, the Ukrainians are preparing for the worst and, uh, the problem is, of course, the logistics and, as I’ve explained right now, we don’t have any hemp cream place to go. We don’t have any harbor. Everything is kind of locked out. There are a lot of Russian mines in the Black Sea and there are some Ukrainian minds as well, protecting the coast of the southern coast of the country. So it’s a little bit of a messed up situation we shouldn’t be discussing.

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This is a traditional uh hemp building conference but this is uh where we are at the moment in Ukraine and uh this year we had about two or three thousand hectares of uh hemp being planted. That’s how many, like six or seven thousand acres. That’s because the war started at the end of February, which is devastating because you know, Ukraine is a huge agricultural state exporting products all over the world and uh that’s also kind of ruined our expectations to export this here, you know, our binder and other products, but I believe, The war will be over by the end of the year, at least the active phase, you know, and the innocent people started to start to die, so you’re talking about your supply chain.

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And supply chain difficulties. Um, what happened to the rail system? You talk about 43 bridges or something being down. Is the rail system probably 100-300 bridges or 300 bridges down. So that means road transport is of course disrupted. What about rail? Rail is still functioning. That’s how we have all these presidents and prime ministers come and visit Kiev. They all come by rail. You know, the English one, the English prime minister who just stepped down a few days ago. Yeah, Boris Johnson, yeah, he kept using the rail.

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So the rail is the only way to, well, the roads are still open, the highways are still open, but you have to make massive detours, which is causing, you know, an increase in hemp cream for pain relief in the price and cost of logistics, so the rail is the only way to, well, the trade has slowed down, which is really really bad for agricultural companies and corporations because, you know,


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