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Hello bar is a critical marketing and PR component that enables you to engage better with your audience. A hello Bar is also called a notification bar, which displays at the top of the website spanning the whole width. These bars help convey a particular message, promote an offer, or direct the site’s visitors to take one specific action. If you aim to turn your customers into paying clients, this bar will aid you with that.

Hello bar helps with several things. In this article, you will learn the best practices for this bar. You will also understand why you need to add them into your WordPress hello Bar Plugin and whether the hello bar is free. Read this article to get an excellent knowledge of the Hello Bar plugin for WordPress.

What is the Hello Bar Plugin?

The introduction part of this article has given a brief overview of the hello bar.

But what does hello bar mean, and why the name?. This is the name of online software that you can easily access. You can use this bar for the announcement, lead bar magnet, or draw visitors’ attention to a particular offer.

This software is a notification bar, but the hello bar became its legal name on the web because of its popularity. Therefore, each time you get to the hello bar, know that it is a notification bar that displays at the top of the website. However, you will see the bar displayed at the bottom on other websites. Hello, Bars have several alternatives that we will discuss later in this article.

Why Add Hello Bar to Your Website

Adding a notification bar to your site is essential. This is because you stand a chance to gain more. The main advantage is increasing conversion rates. Taking this trouble will allow visitors to your WordPress to convert into paying customers or engage with your content. The big names in the digital marketing industry also depend on this to change their visitors.

Benefits of Adding Hello Bar to Your Website

Best for Announcing Vacancy

If you have a job vacancy in your company and want your readers to know about it, this plugin is the best. Instead of putting a blog post that no one might ever read, a notification bar would be ideal for Announcing the role.

To Drive Traffic to Your Offer

A visitor enters your website through a google search and usually does so via your blog post. This means they might have searched on google, seen your blog post, tapped on it, and got into your website. If you are looking for direct clients to your homepage where you made offers, the hello bar is ideal.

It Helps to Drive Traffic to Your Social Media

You can replace a message or CTA button with a social media button added to your bar. Each user taps on this, they will get directed to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more. Hello bars are responsive and therefore display well on your mobile devices, and the users who are operating mobile phones will not be left out.

It would help if you remembered some tips before and after you placed a hello bar on your website. If you want to benefit from the hello bar plugin, you need to tighten it.

Ensure That it is Catchy

The main focus of hello bars is to draw attention without boring the user. However, for you to achieve that, you need to be creative. Firstly, you will need to use bright colors that will match the entire design of your site.

Secondly, you will need to use blood-popping fronts. Ensure that your message hits the user directly into their eyes as they enter your website.

Make it Concise

Putting many words to your content might be tempting, but make sure to avoid them. Remember, you only have a short time to convey your message to the users. To catch their attention, make sure your message is direct and fast.

Split Test

Split testing is an essential key for optimizing your hello bar. You can try bottom placement, a different color, and background. Also, ensure that you track your outcomes and compare them to see which one is more effective.

Is Hello Bar Free?

Most bar plugins have a free version that offers you the options you require to create hello bars for your website. Free hello bars display the plugin logos on your site. They also restrict some features. To enjoy these other restrictions, you will need to upgrade to premiums.

The Hello Bar Plugin Alternatives

The following list consists of the plugins that can get the job done. Make sure to read and apply them to your site.

  • Sumo
  • HubSpot
  • Top bar
  • Foobar
  • OptinMonster
  • Justino


Now that you understand what a hello bar or notification bar is, you can benefit from it. Ensure that your hello bar plugin is attractive and catchy. Also, if you need meaningful results from this plugin, test it repeatedly.


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