Hanuman Danda Baithak method, benefits, and precautions

Hanuman Danda Baithak method, benefits, and precautions

Hanuman Danda Baithak –

Today we will try to give you detailed information about Hanuman Dand Baithak. By practicing this, our body becomes strong like Hanuman Ji. You should practice this asana regularly.

If you practice Hanuman Danda Baithak regularly, then you get many benefits like Hanuman Ji, but it is very important to focus your attention in this meeting. If you practice this Baithak from the above mind, then you do not get any kind of benefit from it.

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What is Hanuman danda baithak? 

Hanuman Ji is considered almighty in Hinduism. The body of Hanuman Ji is strong and strong like a thunderbolt. That is why he is also called Bajrang Bali. Hanuman Ji is counted as one of the seven Chiranjeevi’s.

The most learned among intellectuals and Mahavir among the heroes, Hanuman Ji is famous for his scholarship. He can also make his body small like an ant and can also make his body as huge as a mountain. That’s why many wrestlers are devotees of Hanumanji.

That is why some Danda Baithak has been kept in the name of Hanuman Ji. The whole body and mind are affected by sticks and become strong and balanced. All the disorders and diseases related to feet are cured by sitting. Therefore, this exercise included in the daily routine provides energy, freshness, and health to the person.

How to do Hanuman Danda Baithak –

  • Standing with a maximum difference in both the feet, spread both the hands parallel to the ground in front.
  • Then while exhaling, bend the knee on one side and sit on the toes of the same leg keeping the waist straight.
  • Then, while breathing, come in the middle, do this action from the other side as well.

Benefits of Hanuman Danda Baithak –

Standing in front of the rising sun gives miraculous benefits. The brightness of the sun is obtained. Worship in this way gives health, enthusiasm, brilliance, mental happiness, memory power, willpower, purification of blood, longevity, and concentration of mind.

Every muscle, every joint, seven chakras, seven endocrine hormone glands are affected throughout the body. The body becomes shapely and well-formed. By Baithak Hanuman, the whole body gets health, strength, and energy from the feet to the head. And there is a balance of water content in the body.

The foreign matter comes out fast. The process of blood purification is rapid. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are all equal. It is very capable of reducing obesity. When we do Hanuman Danda Baithak at a fast pace, then Surya Nari is activated. The body remains flexible till puberty, but later the muscles start to get tough.

The pain starts in the limbs because of the lack of blood circulation there. Exercise improves blood circulation in all organs. The foreign elements come out and all the organs get life energy equally. This health is the cornerstone of life and progress physically, mentally, spiritually.

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Time to do Hanuman Danda Baithak –

A special thing about Hanuman Danda Baithak is that you can practice this exercise at any time. But whenever you practice this asana, do not take others before that. If you practice this exercise after eating food, then your stomach may have a bad effect.

Caution should be taken while holding Hanuman Danda Baithak –

Do not practice this exercise if you have abdominal pain, acidity, constipation, or diarrhea. Patients with blood pressure, heart disorders, kidney, ulcer, and hernia should not try it. Women suffering from uterine problems should not practice this exercise.

Pregnant women should not do this exercise. This exercise puts a lot of emphasis on the stomach and legs. So do not do it immediately after a meal. There should be a gap of at least 2 to 3 hours after the meal.


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