Google Takeout Alternative for Better performance – Best Till Now 2021


Before discussing Google Takeout alternative let’s start with basics of Google Takeout, how it works, steps to use it and its limitations.

What is Google Takeout?

It is a free & simple tool which allows you to download data as ZIP files from all Google applications, sing in with an account.

Few tasks you can complete using Google Takeout:
• Clear up the space of the Google drive by archive old files to system
• Duplicating selected files to store in other cloud servers

To backup Gmail data using Google Takeout follow the steps give below:

1. Open the site >> Add your Gmail account
2. Click on Data & Personalization >> under Download, Delete, or make plane for your data section you will find a Download your Data option, click on it, and proceed
3. Now, to backup Email from Gmail you need to click Deselect All option >> select Mail option >> click on Next
4. Now you can manage the archive format by selecting Archive size, File type, Export type >> click Create Archive option
5. The process of backup data from Gmail will start, and it will also notify you about the time to complete the process.

Therefore, Google Takeout is a free means to backup emails from Gmail but does contains some limitations.

Google Takeout Limitations:

It shares limitations which make it less popular among the users and make them search for a better alternate to Google Takeout

Limitations of Google Takeout:
• It only allows you maximum 2-3 archive per day and 7 archive per week
• If you want to download files owned by someone else, Google Takeout won’t allow you to do so
• Google Takeout fails sometimes to backup data
• The archive download limit is 50 GB
• You will face problem of incomplete download for large files
• The download progress ends up if faced network problem

It’s a no cost way to backup Gmail data but many users still opt for a Google Takeout alternative this is because the limitation it is bounded with.

Why we Need a Google Takeout Alternative?

We need a better alternative to Google Takeout as It is very time consuming while backup Gmail email by following the process and it’s not even a faithful option because of its limitations.

Switch to professional alternative of Google Takeout to avoid all these issues and limitation for a better and easy performance, which will also save your time as well as reduce the workload.

The question rises “What is the Best alternative to Google Takeout?” opting for a third-party backup software would be better to avoid these limitations.

Google Takeout alternative such as SysTools Gmail backup software would be a perfect choice for any user.


SysTools Backup Software a Great Google Takeout Alternative:

I personally suggest this as the best Google Takeout alternative due to its great features.

The tool work in both Windows & Mac. It has the potential to quickly backup Gmail data in various file format such as: Outlook PST, MSG, MBOX, EML.

This tool is the best alternative to Google Takeout as it shares some great features given as follows:

Key Features:

• Backup personal Gmail account data within no time
• Downloads large amount of data easily without data lose
• Backup complete large files without any problem
• Let’s you backup emails form Gmail in many file formats
• Respectively saves Calendar and contact in ICS & VCF format
• Supports more than 5 languages
• Can backup files such as slides, Docs, sheets etc. and store as Document
• To backup only new Gmail data an incremental backup feature is provided
• For selective backup Data-based and Folder-based option is provided
• Provides a complete status report and maintains account history. And many more

These were some key features of the tool which does makes it a great Google Takeout alternative and make it popular among users.

To Use the Tool do Follow the Steps Given Below:

• Install and log in with your Gmail account
• Select type of file format you want to download the data
• Apply certain filters provided as per your need and select data for download
• Click on start and your data would start downloading

Using this tool as alternative to Google take out will definitely be beneficial for you as it is simple to use and loaded with many features.

Moreover, The tool is free to download & provides you 10 free live demos, it’s absolutely safe & secures, and download your data backup documents as original.

As a Google Takeout alternative most users opt for a software like SysTools Gmail backup tool for better performance.


The article provided information of Google Takeout and a better alternative to Google takeout, its features, and steps to use. All the relevant point has been covered in the article itself.
Hope all your quires must have been ended up after reading the article.


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