Gojek Clone – A Deep Analysis On Launching An On-Demand App In The Market

Gojek Clone - Launching An On-Demand App

Upon understanding the trends prevailing in the market, businesses laid their foundation in the internet forums. This proved to be a huge hit for them as they could pull out a strong customer base. Online-based businesses aim at being an aggregator that helps people find their on-demand service providers. The on-demand app just acts as a bridge connecting the users with their respective service providers. 

What a multi-services app does for the users is a step ahead of all these things. They provide a forum where the users can find a pool of service providers from which the users can select their providers. This concept, which was raised in Asia, received massive responses globally. Several countries have now expressed their desire to work on developing similar multi-service apps. All you need is to contribute little effort and strategies to launch Gojek like app in the market. Let us together discuss developing a competitive multi-purpose app for starting your career in the on-demand business market. 

How Does An App Like Gojek Stunned The Indonesian Market?

The story of Gojek on how it emerged as one of the pioneers of the on-demand market is really inspiring for folks. In 2015 they entered into the picture and did magic in the market. Before hailing into the market, it was a call center that connected customers with ride-hailing services and courier delivery. At the time of its launch, it housed only four services but currently, it offers nearly 20 services. This standard has garnered the name “Super app.”

Remember how Uber revolutionized the USA market. Likewise, Gojek followed the same pattern and objectives as Uber. But, Gojek understood the local market and culture. This makes it highly competitive in the market. When Gojek came into existence, it observed the complete potential of the local market, which Uber did not head to. The Indonesian market has an exponential number of drivers and riders, and this also made Gojek concentrate effortlessly on the transportation market. Accordingly, Gojek also streamlined its business model rapidly. 

When compared to car-hailing services, the bike-sharing business went well in the Indonesian market. The roads were extremely congested, and this created traffic jams in the areas. In such cases, cars were not preferred by people. Motorcycles and scooters are the best transportation option to surpass this. Gojek understood this ideology and focused on bike taxi operations. 

Why Choose Gojek Like App For Your Online Venture?

The major goal of Gojek is to offer multiple on-demand services for people so that they will stick to one app for all their major needs. People have almost given up on using a lot of apps because of storage issues. Understanding this, Gojek integrated around 70 services into the app. So, now people can reach out to almost all major services through this app!

Followed by the success of Gojek, several entrepreneurs have marched towards the on-demand market to try their potential. Now, coming to the point, why launching a Super app like Gojek will be a lucrative business venture? The multi-purpose apps provide huge streams for revenue generation. While integrating a plethora of services to the app, they are opening the medium for generating high revenue. This is the reason that makes entrepreneurs go crazy about developing an app like Gojek.

The Gojek clone script is a white-label super app solution to launch an on-demand app with multiple services. The app retains the features and functionalities of the original app. Opting for a clone app costs much less than developing from scratch. The time consumption is also comparatively less than building an app from beginning to end. Hence, this will be a wise option for your business. 

Updated Features To Include In Your Multi-Purpose App. 

Post-pandemic, people have become even more conscious about stepping out of their places. Even when opting for services, people ensure the level of hygiene embedded in it. Such is the case of users while opting for services. Your Gojek clone should have the following Covid 19 guidelines to ensure the safety of the users,

  • Follow the guidelines of the government and limit the number of passengers per trip. Advise your drivers to maintain social distancing throughout the trips.
  • Enable your drivers to upload their selfies with masks to make sure that they are driving safely.
  • Upon the completion of the rides, the customers can give their ratings on the grounds of following the Covid 19 guidelines.
  • If the drivers and passengers do not follow the rules properly, both of them have the right to cancel them. 
  • However, the app should support cashless transactions and encourage the users to pay through their mobile app wallets. You can also provide various other payment options. 

Wrapping up,

Super apps are making a strong presence in the on-demand market, which has tremendously inspired entrepreneurs. This is the reason why a bunch of entrepreneurs is trying out their best every year to compete with a similar app. With a robust Gojek clone, you can strengthen your partnership with local vendors and market to set a strong basement for your business. This one important lesson from Gojek will surely be the pathbreaker for your venture!


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