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Netflix clone app Development

Visiting theatres, grabbing a cup of popcorn, whistling and watching an interesting movie was a regular habit for users in the past. However, the Covid-19 pandemic turned lives upside down. The rapid spread of the contagious virus and social distancing norms triggered a sense of panic in users. However, an Over The Top (OTT) platform got a lot of subscribers. Guess who? It is obviously Netflix. With 4.4 million subscribers added from July to September 2021, the American platform is growing quickly in the on-demand entertainment industry. Accordingly, entrepreneurs can make waves in the market now. You can obtain a complete clone script for Netflix from an app development company. 

Stats and the scintillating success of Netflix

  • The California-based live streaming platform has accumulated 222 million subscribers globally. The USA continues to be its biggest market with 67 million registered users.
  • Unquestionably, Netflix has strong financial numbers. It earned a revenue of $7.5 billion in the third quarter of 2021. Besides that, the live streaming platform minted $1.4 billion in profits. 
  • East Asia has filled up the coffers of the Scotts Valley origin platform. Squid Game, a Korean drama series generated 142 million views since its premiere on September 17 this year. 
  • Moreover, Netflix expects a better performance in the 4th quarter this year. It is predicting a net addition of 8.5 million new subscribers. Further, the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform is planning to make a profit of $365 million along with $7.7 billion in total revenue. Interestingly, these numbers if achieved will set records since the platform’s launch in 1997. 
  • Netflix is also revolutionizing production. It will release films and TV shows in around 45 nations. Likewise, the returns offered by Squid Game ($900 million) is more than the expenditure ($21.4 million). 

Video streaming app clone

What is the step-by-step process for creating a Netflix Clone app?

Comply with different laws – Undoubtedly, Netflix is a global phenomenon. Entrepreneurs who want to dominate the video streaming industry must follow numerous regulations. 

Adherence to laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 2016 is a must. Likewise, the guidelines of governments concerning privacy, security, and storage of information must be conformed to. This ensures the confidentiality of user information, as well as increases trust.

Decide the business objectives – It’s a competitive world out there! Hence, techpreneurs ought to finalize their business plan while developing a video streaming app like Netflix. It comprises choosing the partnerships with different directors and producers, the target market, the type of content, and video resolution.

Further, entrepreneurs can determine their business goals like growth in revenue and profits, increase in subscribers, production of a specific number of movies and a rise in the market share. 

Focus on the preference of users – No wonder, Netflix generates a lot of buzz on the Internet when it streams new series and shows. Simultaneously, digipreneurs must concentrate on the interests and likes of their target audience. 

Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will help in sharing recommendations and suggestions with users. Data of users can be collected and filtered based on their age group, average watch time, gender, and location. 

Establish the prototype of a Netflix clone – It is packed with basic features and functionalities identical to the on-demand streaming app. The prototype includes an add to watchlist facility, a download option, a filter and search mechanism, a help centre for resolving issues, multiple payment options, a quick video preview, a rating and review system, sharing of real-time notifications, social media login option, and the support for numerous devices.

Zero in on the Unique Selling Point (USP) – What makes Netflix different from other live streaming platforms? The famous OTT platform also gives TV channels a run for their money. It does not do on-the-fly broadcasting. 

As of September 30, 2021, each member contributes a revenue of $7.86 to Netflix. With a wide user base across 190 countries, there are no advertisements on the video streaming platform. 

How does this yield greater earnings? Netflix follows a clever strategy of encouraging more users to sign up. Rather than minting money when viewers watch movies for hours, the entertainment platform uses an efficiency metric. 

What does it do? It calculates data about the number of subscribers who watched a new show and those persons who continued seeing the series after a few episodes. 

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Both quantitative and qualitative information is compiled for each viewer. Efficiency ratings are calculated for all the documentaries, movies, and TV series. Shows with a high score will generate profits. Entrepreneurs can consider this mechanism and predict the content which will get more traction. 

Work out on the sources of revenue – Indeed, entrepreneurs would want to maximize their wealth by owning an app like Netflix. Digipreneurs can choose various business models like Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) and Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD). 

How can this be fixed? Currently, Netflix has 4 different subscription plans, Mobile, Basic, Premium, and Standard. This helps the streaming app to entice users across different sections of society. 

Techpreneurs can captivate cinema enthusiasts with unlimited movies and TV shows, cross-platform compatibility, multi-screen watch, and content in HD and Ultra HD. The sign-up rates can be boosted by allowing film lovers to cancel or renew their subscription plans anytime from anywhere. 

Provide free streaming for users in new markets – Netflix is betting big on Kenya. It is offering a no-cost subscription plan to Android users in the East African nation. Subsequently, this suggests that Netflix is focusing more on mobile entertainment. Cinema enthusiasts can uninterruptedly watch engaging content without any advertisements.

Eventually, Netflix will aim to capture the Kenyan market with its free plans. Moreover, the American platform has kept the costs different for its home market and other European countries. This is because it is already ahead of competitors in those regions. 

Launching the final version of the streaming platform – The Netflix clone is released in the market at the right time. Entrepreneurs can analyze the plans of other OTT apps. This will help in knowing the strengths, weaknesses, and other opportunities. 

What is the cost of establishing a Netflix clone app?

The budget of creating a Netflix like app depends on various aspects. It relies on

  • Complexity in creating the user interface of a Netflix clone. 
  • The extent of customization required by entrepreneurs. 
  • Kind of frameworks and technologies used to develop the script. 
  • Salaries paid to the team of website designers and app developers. 
  • Time taken for developing the mobile apps and the streaming website. 
  • Type of basic and premium features. 

Besides that, post-deployment services are an essential part of Netflix clone app development. Entrepreneurs can hire an app creation enterprise and receive solutions like the addition of basic and standard functionalities, API integration, the inclusion of payment gateways, maintenance of the mobile apps, optimizing the Content Delivery Network (CDN), organizing online marketing campaigns, security upgrades, and software upgradation.

Wrapping Up

With a perfect mix of freemium and premium streaming, Netflix is the trendsetter in the digital entertainment sector. It will face challenges like production delays, privacy law changes, and the reopening of theatres. Entrepreneurs can control the on-demand entertainment era with a Netflix clone. They can join hands with an app development company and succeed soon. 


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