Fun games for kids to play on camping

Fun games for kids to play on camping
Fun games for kids to play on camping

No doubt camping is one the most wonderful experience. Whether it is solo or with your partner. But camping with kids can be a little tricky.

Kids get bored very easily, especially when there is no fun but only trees and a burning campfire. So to maintain the amusement of your kids, you can arrange some fun games to play with them.

To make this easy for you, we have found some fun games that you can play with your kids and enjoy leisure camping at best.

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Rock painting

Get your kid’s painting kit together with you, and then hunt some of the plain rocks, small, medium, or large it’s all up to you. The kids will love to paint the rock as how they want. You can also hold a competition by dividing members into teams. It will make the painting work more motivated.

Create a shelter

On the camping site, go and hunt for some large leaves and wooden sticks with your kids. And then try to build a shelter for yourself. Something like your own tent. You can also help your child to build the king castle. Take some ropes, leather or large paper with yourself to do it more appropriately. Don’t forget to buy the essential safety items and other camping gear so you can never get hurt while doing the activity. Get them from Mountain Warehouse. You can find deals on Mountain Warehouse to get the items at low prices.


The kid’s favorite game of all time. This will also help to expand your kid’s skills. For example, you can ask them to hunt for a specific type of flower or leaf. Or ask them to bring some of the types of stones. Or you can also bury some stuff in the particular radius and announce the reward for the one who bought all the items back. There are too many things you can do with the scavenger. Mountain warehouse coupon

Start a fire

Note: this game requires parent’s guidance

You can again divide the members into different teams and let the teams fight to start the fire. You can suggest penalties for the loser and rewards for the winners.

Climb the tree

Climbing the tree is fun and the most popular game of the back day. You can get your kids to play this in the beautiful nature of your campsite. And if your camp is located in more forestry area. Then sitting on the branch of the tree will also provide the best view. Although the guardian must have to be with the kids all the time.

Get the flags

You can keep the flags at a different place in the surroundings and make sure that it should be hard to get those flags but not too much hard. Asks the kids to get the flags back to you. For each flag, you can give them any reward, such as a chocolate bar or any other snack.


You can tell the story to your kids about anything fiction and then asks them questions to make this a free nighttime game. Or you can ask different questions related to the place you are at. This will enhance their geographical knowledge and can be a good time pass at night time.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek can be the best game in the woods. There are too many places to hide, and the racing heart when the seeker is near the hider has its own charm. So you can play hide and seek with your kids for a more thrilling game.

Tug of war

Tug of war might look out of date now. But believe it, playing this game at the campsite is super crazy. You can gather some leaves to make it comfortable for the one who falls. So no kids harm. More than this will help the kid’s physical power to be nourished.


You can get the Jenga along with you to play at the campsite. And setting the penalties will add more spice to it. The penalties can be like; washing dishes, starting a fire, cooking the meal, and much more like this.


So these were some of the games that your kids will enjoy at the campsite. And not only kids, but you can also be a part of these games to have some fun. So bring back your old memories. Get along with your kids and have the best camping experience.

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