Fleet Management Software for Consignment and Asset Tracking


What era is it? It is the tech age. Fleet Management software providers have made consignment tracking a cakewalk. Gone are the days when tracing assets that are travelling across states and countries was next to impossible. Asset tracking software has automated the operations and consignment management. We’ll discuss everything about the tech-enabled consignment tracking in this blog.

What is Consignment or Asset Tracking?

Delivery of goods, posts and parcels is not a new concept. Anything sent out by a consignor to a consignee is a consignment. Tracking such mails and goods is consignment tracking. In the logistics industry, big cargos and trailers carry goods from point A to point B. Monitoring their movement, fetching details of the vehicle and the driver carrying it, and keeping a report of every move is called complete asset tracking and consignment/asset tracking software makes it happen.

We hear of times when pigeons used to deliver posts during battles. Today, we live in an era of e-commerce where every day billions of orders are placed, shipped and received. How do you think these consignments reach the right consignee without getting lost in transit? It is all because of automation and technology.


Asset Tracking software or consignment monitoring software comes loaded with features that simplify consignment management. Track cargos in transit, monitor the live movement of vehicles and get many other updates in real-time. So, what are these updates and how do they function? Let’s find out.

  • Real-time consignment status

Other than live tracking of the consignment you also get the real-time status of the consignment such as dispatched, in-transit, delivered, etc. You get the current location of the consignment with geo-coordinates. The software provides a live view of the vehicle moving on the map.

  • Who, when handled the consignment – Reports & History

You can track the journey of the consignment and get data about halts it took, districts it covered, vehicles and drivers who handled the consignment. Get customised reports on essential events you want to keep tabs on.

  • Analytics displayed on a dynamic dashboard

Instead of looking for different reports and analytics at different places in the app, open the dynamic dashboard and find every essential detail pinned there.

  • ETA and Proof of Delivery

Get real-time ETA or Estimated Time of Arrival for every order individually. When the order is delivered to the consignee the fleet manager or the consignee receives the proof of delivery. You can opt for any type of pod – OTP supported, QR code supported, automatic or e-signature.

  • Third-party API integration

Advanced consignment tracking solutions simplify API integrations, making exporting and importing of data seamless. Integrate data such as consignment details, expected timeline of the delivery, etc.

Top Asset Tracking Software Solutions 

Get your hands on the leading consignment tracking software, TrackoBit. You get customised solutions, white label fleet management software services and round the clock customer support.


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