Famous people with the hobby of painting

Famous people with the hobby of painting

Famous people with the hobby of painting. Famous as politicians, writers, songwriters, directors, actors, and dictators. But it is certainly not possible to define a person with his profession alone, which also applies to various celebrities. In this article, we will look at eleven great stars, known internationally, who were also painters, and who therefore devoted themselves to painting in their spare time. Some of these “hidden painters” may surprise you. Enjoy the reading!


Franco Battiato

Let’s start with Franco Battiato, one of the most brilliant Italian songwriters and musicians, unfortunately, left us last May. Eclectic as few other artists, he has conquered generations of Italians with his musical ideas, passing from avant-garde pop music, from progressive rock to an original pop author. But Battiato was also a director, a politician for a short time – for 5 months, he was a councilor for tourism of the Sicily Region – and a painter. In an interview with Stile d’Arte in 2018, the Master explained, “I started painting with cool drawings twenty years ago, driven by my inability.” Since 1993, about eighty, his figurative works have been exhibited in personal exhibitions in Rome, Miami, Gothenburg, and Catania. We mostly talk about oil painting. However, it should emphasize that we have all seen some pictorial work by Battiato: in fact, the covers by Fleurs and Ferro Battuto are his.


Bob Dylan

Here is another singer-songwriter who joined his activity as a musician with that of a painter. Already a Nobel Prize for literature, given its importance within the American song, the Minstrel in 2016 had a personal pictorial exhibition in London, after having always exhibited his sculptures in London. In Dylan’s paintings, we find his America: skyscrapers, motels, bridges, old railways, often in a rarefied atmosphere that is the same that we recognize in many of his songs.


Henry Miller

Famous people with the hobby of painting

Miller, famous for his avant-garde novels such as The Tropic of Cancer, was also a painter, and specifically a watercolorist. His readers will not be surprised to discover that the recurring subject in his paintings was that of the woman, mostly naked. However, the writer had to say that “For an inexplicable reason, I never felt entitled to grant painting the time it demanded. I prefer to get away with saying that I am not a painter. I hardly dare to call myself an amateur. Yet I paint. And now and then I produce something that could be called a painting”.


Federico Fellini

A great director and screenwriter, Fellini did even more in the field of visual art. More than painting, however, we can talk about drawing, as well as comics. Dreamlike artist and visionary, he drew his storyboards in detail, collecting his previous activity as a cartoonist.


George W. Bush

That’s right. Taking the whole world by surprise, the former president of the United States showed his works in a solo exhibition in 2014, under the title “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy.” Here we find the portraits of influential international leaders, such as Putin, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Merkel, and so on; however, Bush’s other recurring subject is his beloved dogs.


Amanda Lear

Let’s leap forward—internationally known singer, actress, model, and also a painter. Dali’s muse and David Bowie’s lover – whom we will meet shortly – Lear has painted the unspoken, unspoken things about her famous and exciting life, her “Visions,” as her latest solo exhibition is entitled. And to say that Dalì himself emphasized how the painting was a thing for men.


Winston Churchill

One of the most important figures of the entire twentieth century, twice Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The first time in the middle of the Second World War, but a protagonist even before the international political and war structure. Churchill was, among other things, also a painter from the age of forty: he found himself by chance drawing with the colors of his grandchildren, and he was love at first sight. He loved to say that painting “is like an attack on the canvas that must carry out with the tactics of a general on the battlefield.” Somewhat schematic and hasty, tending to finish the work in a single session, he painted above all landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes. He exhibited several times, anonymously, in competitions for amateurs, also winning prizes.


Marilyn Monroe

From time to time, even Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous actresses in the history of cinema, loved to devote herself to painting, or rather, to drawing with pastels. She, portrayed in many different ways by painters and pop artists, has left us some compelling self-portraits and sketches made with pastels from Warhol onwards.


Frank Sinatra

First of all, a singer and secondly an actor, who became a legend for the power and eternal youth of his voice, Sinatra was also a painter, even if it is difficult to understand where the artist found the time to devote to this hobby. Auctioned after his death, his paintings have reached staggering prices.


Victor Hugo

A great writer, but also a talented painter. Hugo painted using everything he could find: the sulfur of matches, soot, coffee, china, with thick results even though he never received pictorial teachings. And between drawings and paintings, his legacy is about 4,000 sheets: here we also find works that anticipate, and clearly, the work of the surrealists.

Baudelaire, among other things a fine art critic, declared that «I did not find in the exhibitors of the Salon the magnificent images that flow from Victor Hugo’s drawings like the mystery from heaven. I’m talking about his ink drawings because it’s all too evident that, in poetry, our poet is the king of landscape painters. “


David Bowie

We anticipated it: Bowie is also part of this list. Rock star and actor, the White Duke was also a painter, with a style that changed significantly over time, with an exciting evolution. Among the best known are the paintings of the Dead series, which show heads, including many self-portraits.

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