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We’ve heard this many times. Different filmmakers spread such an important message and each took his own opinion on it. Whatever the outcome, believing in what “should” is important in order to understand the purpose of a film such as Do Not Forget, Valerio Zanoli’s favorite movie star and full of stars. This is not a movie that seeks prominence by placing its dominant feature in a standalone film on Extramovies website. Zanoli’s job is smart, but that doesn’t mean he’s close to his business with a deep vision. On the contrary, the story Do Not Forget is the one that stays with you.

He is involved in petty crim

Noto Forget is the story of Chris, a self-centered young man who jumps from one adoption home to another. He is involved in petty crimes, and even when he decides to stand trial, he does not pay attention to the judge. That until one day, the most intelligent judge (Olympia Dukakis in her final role) decides to “punish” her in a different way: she should go live with her grandmother and take care of whatever she can. He is far from everything, his former life, his friends, and everything that made him a bad boy for Etramovie.

He and his friends decided to do

Her grandmother Melody (good play Karen Grassle) suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. There is a man who takes care of her, and she forces Chris to do hard work. When he finds out that his grandmother is very rich, he comes up with a plan. He and his friends decided to do what they could to earn some money. However, as the secrets of the past unfold, things change for Chris. Maybe, it’s time to leave that part of his life behind the Exteramovie.

Unforgettable is a one-man take

It is sometimes weird (the comedy tone is difficult to communicate with the final goal of the film), but it is emotionally powerful, Unforgettable is a one-man take on how a film can raise awareness of a very important subject. This is not a document that has thousands of testimonies. Nor is it based on the viewpoint of an older person who suffers from something he or she does not understand. The writer/director twists the wheel and does new things with a dangerous take: a thousand positions, a thousand selfish selfishness, and nothing else.

Unforgettable is a one-man take

It is dangerous because traditional practice in this small genre confirms the clock from the average audience. Unforgettable is a one-man take, and it still has more heart and emotional power than most movies do. Alzheimer’s disease is a much more common problem than you might think. If a film talks to us in a text format and doesn’t even try to color in what is real, it’s hard not to look like an Extra movie.

If a film can help you do this

However, go further. There is something to talk about after the release of the credits. We need to be aware of the existence of the disease, and understand how it works. If a film can help you do this, it should be accepted. Who knows, maybe it will help you at some point in your life. Just visit ExtraMovies to watch the top-class movies and seasons. That’s where the film wins. When it becomes permanent. Not many independent films have the potential to do this, so you say we are looking at the other side of cinema, which is the most important, not the near future?


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