Everything You Should Know About Software Quality Assurance and Its Importance


There is nothing new about people and businesses relying heavily on IT technologies and the web. These have become inseparable parts of human life- globally. Different types of software applications are developed by software development agencies to cater to diverse customer needs. There are Open Source and licensed applications. Then, you will find standalone and cloud-based applications and SaaS models. In any case, a software development agency has to be aware of Software quality assurance. The top software companies are particular about adhering to this aspect.

The basics of software quality assurance

Software quality assurance can be defined as a methodology to ensure the software development projects adhere to predefined standards. SQA takes place after, before, and during the software development life cycle. The agencies involved in application development need to ensure software development is done to comply with internal and external protocols. They check that the applications are reliable and efficient and comply with coding needs and testing parameters well. There are two major ways to execute SQA processes:

The defect management approach – Focuses on finding and tracking defects in application development. Once the defects are identified, the team takes up measures to resolve those and ensure there are no more flaws.

The attributes approach- In this method, the focus is given to maintaining various quality characteristics. These attributes include- Portability, Maintainability, Efficiency, Usability, Reliability, and Functionality.

Significance of Software Quality Assurance

The software testing experts swear by the importance of performing SQA processes. It is important both for the company creating an application and also for its customers.

  • A Software firm that adheres to SQA practices is likely to make quality solutions that meet customers’ needs better. So, the agency will find it easy to attract and retain clients. Its image will be enhanced.
  • Applications developed while adhering to the latest SQA protocols make things easier for the clients or end-users. They find fewer hiccups in using the final application or solutions, and the applications run as desired. This helps enhance overall productivity levels at workplaces.
  • An application developed in compliance with SQA methodologies requires minimal or no revamp or modification. This helps evade cost escalation and delays in product development.

What are the popular and widely deployed Software Quality Assurance protocols?

You will find the top software testing India companies adhering to varying SQA protocols, and the scene is not much different in other countries. The leading Software development companies choose from the below-listed SQA standards:

  • ISO 9000- This SQA protocol is very popular, and a lot of leading software application development firms adhere to the standard. The International Organization for Standardization came up with the ISO 9000 family back in 1987. ISO 9001 was unveiled later. Over a million businesses and entities adhere to the ISO 9001 certification globally. The main components of ISO 9000 are:
  1. Customer focus.
  2. Relationship management.
  3. Process Approach.
  4. Improvement.
  5. Leadership.
  6. Engagement of people.
  7. Evidence-based decision making.
  • Capability Maturity Model Integrated- The SQA protocol is followed largely by the United States government entities for application development. The Department of Defense is involved with CMMI development. CMMI is especially focused on process improvement.
  • TMMi- a derivative of CMMI, Testing Maturity Model integration was unveiled in 2005 by the TMMi Foundation. It has five maturity levels. As TMMi is rather new, its adoption is still quite slow.

Who is responsible for adhering to SQA protocols?

The top software development companies adhering to SQA protocols usually keep a dedicated team of software testers. They monitor the work done by software developers and watch out for deviation from the protocols at any stage of application development. They and software developers complement one another in the entire development process on finer analysis. Quality applications cannot be developed unless the developers adhere to the QSA methods. Unless the monitoring is not in place, developers can deviate from the protocols or practices.

So, everyone working in a software development team is responsible for adhering to the SQA methods eventually. Some firms hire a dedicated software quality assurance company.

What are the top techniques involved in SQA?

In any SQA methodology, several techniques are involved. This may vary a little from one model to another. Listed below are the major techniques used by the top agencies offering software quality services:

  • Auditing- It denotes inspection of the work to figure out if the preset SQA methods were followed while checking the application for quality or not.
  • Reviewing- An extensive meeting is held so that the software developed can be assessed by internal and external stakeholders. Seeking their opinion and approval is the prime objective.
  • Design Inspection– It involves checking various nuances of software design, including Structures and interfaces, performance, logic, Error handling, cohesion, etc.
  • Code Inspection– This is a must to find out flaws in the code used to develop an application. The reviewer is not the creator of the code. Code inspection can be done by a team as well.
  • Simulation- This is used to test an application in an environment that mimics a real-life usage scenario. This helps the team understand if the application addresses the need of the end-users well or not.
  • Functional Testing– It is necessary to assess the system specifications.
  • Static Analysis- This can be defined as a kind of software analysis run by an automated tool. The program, however, is not executed.
  • Walkthroughs– In a software walkthrough, the application is assessed and analyzed by other team members. This involves finding feature defects, suggestions for enhancements, protocol deviation, etc.
  • Stress Testing– This is done to see how well the application copes with enhanced pressure.

Hiring a software firm that is particular about adhering to SQA practices

It is necessary that you sign up for the services of a software development firm that adheres to the latest SQA practices, regardless of what type of application you need. For this, you have to analyze some important aspects:

  • First of all, you have to see what type of SQA methodology the agency adheres to. You should ask the agency the reasons behind choosing the specific SQA protocol, too. A top software development company will explain these aspects in the initial interaction.
  • It would be impractical not to check out the portfolio of the company. Check out applications created by the entity and analyze if the products adhere to the specific SQA protocol or not.
  • You should enquire the clients of the agency about their experience on the same topic.

Summing it up

SQA is a vital part of software development, and its importance is understood both by the developers and the end-users. So, ensure you hire a software development agency for your business needs that adheres to the latest SQA protocols. Keep some time for evaluating such entities as well.


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