Everything You Need to Know About Zero Waste Natural Plant- Cannabis


As Cannabis is gaining a lot of attention from all the legalizing in recent times, several ways of using it have also come up. Do you know that every part of the plant can be used for consumption? Everything on a cannabis plant, from stem to scraps everything can be used. It is better to be aware of how different parts of it are utilized if you are a regular user. If used properly, you can have tea with the stems of the plant, make byproducts, smoke them, and even eat them. It also has medicinal properties. Overall every part of this plant can be used without wastage. Read on for more on how to use cannabis plants with zero waste.

How Are Stems Useful?

If you think you can just smoke the stem, you better wait. The stems do not have the same amount of cannabinoids as the buds. There are some easy ways you might enjoy it. You can easily buy thc e liquid and start using it right away. To put them to good use, you have to do decarboxylation first. It is a process of heating the stems up to a point where it becomes easily absorbable and psychoactive. This can be then used to make tinctures, edibles, extracts, and even hash. You have several options in hand when it comes to using the stems for different purposes. The possibilities are endless if you are ready to save them for later. 

What to Do With Cannabis Leaves? 

Cannabis leaves are the most used part of the plant. It can be used in many ways as the stems. You can put the discarded leaves to use in many ways. In cannabis plant cultivations, buds are used for recreational uses, and the leaves are considered as the byproduct and not used as widely as the buds. There are mainly two types of leaves, fan leaves, and sugar leaves. You can use these for cannabinoid-infused beverages and make-at-home edibles. Have a look into the potential uses of marijuana leaves. 

What to Do With Cannabis Scraps? 

Cannabis scraps are the leaves, stems, and buds that are leftover from all the usage. It can be put into use in a lot of ways. You can easily make them into edible form and add it to make edibles. You can use it to make cannabis-infused butter or cannabis-infused oil.

You can use the cannabis leftover on the bottom of your grinder or in the parchment paper or a prefilled container to make cannabis topicals from the last bit of extracts. It will be in a very small amount, but it still has the effect of the Cannabis you used up. Remove it from the container with the help of some oil. There are several ways of salvaging the leftovers. Once that is done, you have to find an oil that works well with your skin, helps it moisturize, and gives a glow to it. It is better to choose something that stays liquid at normal room temperature. Pick an oil, pour it into the container with leftovers and leave it in a cold dark place for five days and shake it occasionally. On some days, you will have infused oil for your skin that can be used for localized pain. They are also good for supple joints, for moisturizing your skin, tackles sensitive skin, and much more.


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