Everything You Need To Know About Newspaper App Development


Most people start their day by reading newspapers with a cup of tea. A few years back It used to be the perfect combo for people. But, now as technologies have become more advanced, people have started reading news on their mobile phones through newspaper apps. It has become easy to access globally as well as local news on mobile phones.

The newspaper industry has seen a drastic change in the previous few years because of the advancement of certain technologies. Newspaper app development companies are improvising their services and finding different ways to monetize the apps. On average a person scrolls two hours on their cell phone as it’s a convenient mode to avail of any service. People check the notifications and other updates regularly, that’s why they prefer to read news on mobile phones instead of getting the newspaper in physical format.

Benefits Of A Newspaper App Development

It is obvious that before looking for any app development, people research each small thing about it. I am sure you are also having lots of thoughts in your mind about whether you should go for it or not. Let’s clear your doubts here. There are several advantages of choosing the ePaper app to earn money, here are a few of them –

  • More active subscribers – The number of people who prefer digital subscriptions are quite high than others. Today, in this era of digitalization life has become simpler than before. Other than these facts, people also prefer to start their day by reading the news with a cup of tea, so there are higher chances that you will get a good percentage of customer base.
  • Extended reach through push notification – No geographical barriers are there, so you can target many new users if you want. With push notifications, it is easy to reach out to existing users, which redirects the users to the app.
  • Higher engagement rate – By following interactive marketing strategies, you can engage users in multiple ways. It cannot be done through magazines and newspapers. ePaper apps have a like and comment section through which users leave their thoughts and ideas. It increases their engagement with the app.
  • Conversion rate – Better engagement leads to loyal users. It means you can convert your temporary users into permanent ones by providing them with exceptional features. It is not possible with physical newspapers.
  • High revenues – Higher engagement and conversion rates imply more revenues. Apart from there are many ways through which you can monetize your app and earn more profits. We will discuss these monetization ways later on in the blog.

Mandatory Features In A Newspaper Mobile App Development

 Some must-have features of the app cannot be avoided at the time of app development. Your app will not be able to survive without these features.

  1. User profile – After downloading the app, the first step is the login process which has to be completed to access the app features. User can manage their data and preferences till the time stays in the app.
  2. One tap login – A simple and one-tap login system should be given in the app because no one prefers to spend time completing the lengthy process. Keep social media logins along with the email login.
  3. Explore – It is the basic feature of the newspaper app users can select the news of their choice. Different types of news like sports, entertainment, politics, etc, can be explored in this section.
  4. Preference – Users can simply set their preference for the type of news they want to see. It allows users to select the topic or news, which will be displayed in their feed when they open the app. It boosts engagement.
  5. Real-time updates – Here users can check the recent incidents that happen nearby their location or in any other place. Through these features, users stay up to date regarding the events running around them. It increases their knowledge bank.
  6. Read later option – By using these features people can save news to read later. Because sometimes it happens that users get the notification of any important news, but they won’t be able to take their time to read that news at that moment, so they save it for later. These are very helpful features that you should add to enhance your user experience.
  7. Filter – It is one of the crucial features that must be present in the app for the user’s sake. It allows them to select their preferred options like trending, breaking news, most popular, or any other.
  8. Search – A simple search bar can help users to find any news by typing its name. Sometimes people specifically look for any particular news, but they failed to find it. So, by using search options they can easily find them.
  9. Social media involvement – People like to share interesting content with their loved ones. Social media allows them to do so.
  10. Push notifications – This would be your weapon to approach users to open your app and read the content. Not only does it compel users to use your app, but also keeps them updated on the latest incidents that happen around them. It increases user engagement.
  11. Favorites and comment/like button – Here users can like their favorite article and share their views as well by commenting on it. It will help you to show them the content which they mostly prefer to read.

How To Monetize The e-Paper App?

An ePaper app contains all types of news in a single place that’s why nowadays people prefer to go for the app services rather than asking newspaper agencies to deliver the newspaper at their home. There are several ways to monetize the app in which below-mentioned are a few of them.

Advertisements– In a newspaper mobile app, you can show third-party advertisements to earn revenues. You can play multiple small ads on the screen and can attract other advertisers as well. There are different types of advertisement methods available such as splash ads, static banner placements, text ad promotions, in-post ads, etc. These approaches can help you in generating additional revenues.

Premium subscriptions – Users have to face a lot of ads on the free versions, while they can avoid ads in the premium version. You can introduce a premium version to give your users an intuitive experience.

Sponsored posts – You can do sponsored posting in which you can show brand articles and their exclusive products on the front page so that your users will first interact with that article. With the on-demand newspaper app, you can earn these benefits, which will boost your revenues.

ECommerce integration – Along with the news, you can display e-commerce products and services to earn additional profits. There are higher possibilities that users will click on that ad.

Wrapping Up

The newspaper app development process takes time and effort. A team of experienced developers and project managers are needed if you want to convert your visions into reality. On-demand newspaper app development can make good profits for you if you follow proper strategies and marketing methods. It’s a step-by-step process in which the final cost depends on your custom needs. Stay connected.


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