Everything You Need To Know About Getting Gel Manicures


Today, beauty treatments with a long-lasting effect are popular. For example, eyebrow microblading, permanent hair coloring, or gel polish manicure and pedicure. Such a coating is glossy, it lasts up to three weeks and protects nails.

How does gel polish or nail extensions affect the nail plate? 

Some people believe that gel polish worsens the condition of the nails, as well as causes swelling and intoxication. However, it is not. Gel polish contains almost the same components as regular. The only “bad” component can be formaldehyde, but it only affects the drying out of the manicure.

For the rest, the gel polish coating is even useful, since it does not spoil the nail plates, but protects them from negative external factors.

How is gelish manicure different from acrylic?

The acrylic coating consists of a special powder. It is used to lengthen the nail plate and create a strong layer over the natural nail. Sometimes acrylic coatings are colored, but more often they are colorless or natural. And only then varnish is applied to them. Gel, on the other hand, is applied to the nail like varnish and does not lengthen it. You can also apply gel polish on short nails.

Step-by-step coating of nails with gel polish.

The technology of covering nails with gel polish is quite simple. First, the base is applied, then the varnish is applied in two layers, and then the fixer. After each layer, the coating is cured in a special UV or LED lamp. And don’t forget to degrease your nail before applying the base and remove the sticky layer after final curing.

Is gel nail polish harmful?

Gel polish spoils the nails, in particular the nail plate, but in most cases during the removal process. Therefore, it is important to know how to remove gel polish from nails and not damage anything. Many girls are afraid that the nails will not be able to breathe, but the nails, as he says, are already dead. They don’t need to breathe! But what you need to take care of is the nail plate and cuticles – they are made of living tissue, and therefore you should be careful with them. It is safer to go to the salon to remove the gel polish, although it is expensive. Be sure to follow how the master conducts this procedure. Never press hard on the gel polish scraping tool. It should be easy to remove by itself when pressed lightly.

Is it possible to paint nails with gel polish for pregnant and lactating women?

Pregnant and lactating women can paint their nails with gel polish. The components of the gel polish do not penetrate through the dense nail plates into the body and into breast milk.

Possible contraindications may include individual intolerance to the components, as well as increased fragility, porosity and other problems with the nail plates. With these problems, you need to see a therapist.

What to do to prevent your nails from turning yellow and brittle.

Some people think that gel polish nails break and turn yellow.

However, this is not quite true. The plates break if the coating is removed incorrectly and turn yellow if the varnish is applied incorrectly.

It is important to use the correct prep technique during your manicure. You should first remove the gloss, disinfect, degrease, cover with a dehydrator, primer and fix it all with a good base. In this case, the pigment will not penetrate into the nail plate.

Are UV rays harmful to the health of your nails?

Is gel nail polish harmful? The conventional wisdom is that UV rays should be avoided as they age and dry out the skin. But they are part of many salon treatments. So, gel polish spoils your nails, but there is a way to minimize its harm. If drying gel polish under a lamp, apply sunscreen or SPF lotion to your hands before doing so. Fortunately, technology is not standing still, and many brands have replaced UV lamps with LEDs that do not contain UV rays.

How to remove gel polish so as not to damage your nails.

I recommend doing this in the salon if you don’t know the correct technology. Although you can try it yourself.

You should file the gel polish, including the free edge, apply a professional gel polish remover on cotton swabs, attach to the nails and wrap with foil. It should be kept for about 15 minutes. Further, the coating should come off without problems.

If necessary, it can be “picked up” by a pusher, and then cut down with a soft file to remove the remaining varnish. But it’s better for a professional to do it all.

You don’t need to peel off the gel polish as this will ruin your nails. The coating will flake off along with parts of the nail plates.


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