End-of-line systems automation as an element of success


The new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution increase the speed and accuracy of end-of-line systems for handling loads, saving time and resources.

end-of-line systems

The aspects that contribute to determining the success of a company are many: the quality of the products, the competitiveness of the offer compare to competitors, the level of efficiency of the means of production.

And not only that: a strategy that aims at growth must also take into account the organization of work and production and delivery times.

The time factor is decisive in many sectors: arriving first on the markets rather than being the fastest in delivering to customers are elements that can make a difference.

Sometimes it is the final queue of the production cycle that slows down the timing: the management of orders, packaging and handling of packages in some cases become real bottlenecks in the production path.

Companies today, even if small in size, can strengthen and grow by opening up to the technological innovations of Industry 4.0 , where they can find the best solutions to remove any obstacle that may slow down the workflow.

This means automating a series of tasks, also avoiding that percentage of human errors that ends up affecting the customer’s perception of the company’s quality.

And not only. In addition to reducing end-of-line automation times with a consequent reduction in costs, automation also allows perfect control of each phase, with immediate identification and resolution of any critical issues.

Tailor-made systems to optimize productivity

If you are looking for effective solutions to give a positive shock to your business, if you have decide to optimize times by automating your production and above all the end-of-line phases, integrating them with efficient systems, you can turn to Industrad experience .

Industrad designs and manufactures systems for order management, handling and packaging.

The systems are equip with dedicate software develop by Industrad , to meet the particular needs of the customer.

The tools available to make the management of finish products flow smoothly include roller conveyors, conveyor belts, taping machines, wrapping machines.

All govern by software that can be interface with the customer’s management system.

In this way the handling of the packages is control step by step, so that the flow is constant and the synchronism of the various maneuvers is perfect.

Industrad Group offer is complete by systems for identifying packages using barcodes and labeling, and weighing and volume detection instruments; the latter provide, quickly and without errors, the dimensions and footprint of pallets and packages automation, even with irregular profiles.

Automate end-of-line procedures: when speed meets precision

If you are convince that speed affects accuracy, you have not yet encounter Industrad  and its automation systems .

The Handling and Sorting systems , for example, will allow you to sort large volumes of packages which, thanks to the use of barcodes, will be recognize, catalog and sent to the correct destination.

In addition to reading the barcodes, it is possible to provide cameras that will allow you to acquire and archive the images of the packages in your company database.

In the Industrad Group catalog you will find extendable roller conveyors, conveyor belts, catenaries of various types for handling the material, while all possible devices are available for packaging: taping machines, shrink ovens, wrapping machines.

The palletizing of packages can be perform by Industrad Group  palletizing robots , capable of handling boxes, crates, bags, even small ones.

The pallets can then be easily wrap in protective film, thanks to the special Industrad Group wrapping machines , equip with a special rotating table.

A gem of Industrad Group is the specialize line for the preparation and fulfillment of spare parts orders for the automotive sector .

The Industrad Group systems apply without problems to the management of larger parcels and important weights.

In fact, end-of-line systems are available for aluminum coils on pallets and for drums, . with weighing, packaging, labeling and sending to the load for shipping.

Everything under control in real time

The Industrad Group systems , as mention, interface without problems with the various management systems.

This means that you will be able to control every phase of the end-of-line work in real time, . intervening quickly in case of problems or even managing to prevent them.

This way you can avoid production stops and delivery delays.

In the event of any news (insertion of new products, replacement of the materials use), you already know that Industrad Group software , due to being develop internally, can be modified at any time according to your specific needs.

Trust the experience of competent technicians

Approaching the world of Industry 4.0 is now an inevitable choice for every entrepreneur. If you want to face it with serenity, rely on those who guarantee you experience and competence.

The technical Industrad Group know every aspect of handling operations, Packing and concerning in general the logistics. For this they will be able to suggest the best solutions for your business.

They will be by your side during the installation and testing of the systems and will intervene .  whenever you want to make changes, so that you can enjoy all the advantages of automation.


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