Do Oil Diffusers Make You Sleepy?

Oil Diffusers

Relaxation or sleeping is the most beautiful moment of life. This time we need a comfortable mattress, pillow, and eco-friendly room. Oil diffusers are used to room for eco-friendly.


Sleep has become a central topic of most discussions in today’s era. And rightly so, as a lot of people have trouble sleeping these days. Moreover, the awareness among people has grown on realizing the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

The less you sleep the less productive you will be, and it will affect your overall health.

Sleep is essential but how can you ensure that you have a good night’s sleep without bending towards heavy prescriptions? Well, one easy and natural way is using essential oils as a natural sleeping aid.

Research says that essential oils can have a lot of different benefits for health. They can weaken some viruses and boost our immune system. And can even run a calmness through our body by suppressing anxiety. These oils can help you relax and have a better sleep.

However, a proper balance of different oils blends to form the best oil. Balance of essential oils includes:

  • spruce needle and leaf
  • ho wood
  • frankincense resin
  • blue tansy flower
  • blue chamomile flower

Another combination can be Outten Paris with lavender essential oil. These oils together can promote relaxation feelings and bring drowsiness to make you fall asleep quickly.

Using Essential Oils for Better Sleep

There are different ways to experience the effects of these essential oils. For example, you can apply the balance to the sole of your feet, wrists, and palms at night or at the start of your day. Lavender is an essential oil that can even be applied directly to the skin.

Otherwise, before you apply any oil ensure that you dilute the oil first with some carrier oil. As undiluted ones can cause irritation. The common carrier oils that you can use are coconut, jojoba, and extra virgin olive oils. The rule of thumb is that you should use 1 teaspoon of carrier oil for every 1 drop of essential oil. If you are using an aromatic diffuser for your essential oil then you can pour in 2-3 drops. Doing this will scent up your home and in case you do not want to keep the aromatherapy diffuser running then you can apply a few drops of your essential oil to your pillowcase before bedtime. So the scent will remain throughout your sleeping hours.

Risks Involved While Using Essential Oils

It is mandatory for you to handle the essential oils with care and caution. Before applying any oil to large areas of your skin apply it in the manner of a patch to perform a patch test.

Dilute the oil you want to apply and only use it on a patch first. We usually recommend the inside of an arm first. You can wait for 24 hours after applying to look for any irritation or discomfort. If you do not experience anything bad then you can apply it to a larger surface of the skin.

Note: ingesting essential oils is always a bad idea. Doing so can cause you different side effects like an upset stomach and nausea. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children should exercise caution when using essential oils.

Other Ways to Improve Your Sleep

There are also other ways available to improve your sleeping habits:

  • Don’t ingest caffeine after 2 p.m.
  • Try to eat earlier within the evening, particularly if you’ve got a medical condition that interferes along with your sleep, like acid reflux.
  • Completely disconnect for one hour before sleep. The blue light in phones and screens interferes along with your body’s hormone production that is the melatonin which is a chemical our brain produces that regulates sleep.
  • Build a bedtime ritual. This could signal to your brain that it’s time to wind down and facilitate set your body into sleep mode. simple ways, like a hot bathtub to bathe and change into pajamas, may also work.

If any of the ways do not work for you then you can consult your doctor and narrow it down to the cause that does not allow you to sleep. He can suggest a way that will work for your proper sleep.

Help with Narrowing Down the Best Essential Oils

We extract these oils from plants and their parts. Yet, the options available may overwhelm you. A lot of plants produce a lot of different variety of oils.

If you dig a little about aromatherapy then you may have already noticed that these oils have different purposes for different individuals. So you have to determine which one works for you as oils may work differently for individuals. The below pointers will help you establish the perfect oil for you:

  • Essential oil type– We have made an attempt to choose the ones that have known benefits for relaxation and sleep.
  • Expert interviews and analysis– Word of mouth will have edges when it involves selecting products like essential oils, however, we tried to review the scientific proof on whether or not these essential oils appeared to have benefits for sleep.
  • Availability– we tend to include essential oils on the market to buy online from sure retailers.
  • Quality and transparency– respected brands that sell quality oils ought to supply a certificate of study or safety knowledge sheet, on their website or upon request. We listed essential oils from brands that give this documentation.

Rest is essential yet how might you guarantee that you have a decent night’s rest without twisting towards weighty remedies? All things considered, one simple and regular way is utilizing essential oils as a characteristic tranquilizer.

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End Words

Oil diffusers are protected to utilize oil diffusers for a short time frame on the off chance that you don’t have any lung troubles. Yet, in the event that you don’t have hypersensitivities, diffusing fundamental oils won’t put you in danger. Rest time is the main second throughout everyday life. ReNe Oil Diffuser works on your evening, night and It makes sound life and lung. Visit Sleepsia and purchase an oil diffuser electric.


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