Digital Intervention 404 Pages by Richart Ruddie Annuity

Richart Ruddie Annuity

Richart Ruddie Annuity states that when you square measure surfboarding on the web, you’ll accidentally blood group the wrong address or bump into a page that’s not obtainable. Ordinary “404 – Page Not Found” pages leave you annoyed. However, their square measure some outstanding samples of 404 pages by digital promoting agencies out there.

A 404 page could be a normal HTTP error message code caused by a non-existing webpage on your website. It’s a requirement to possess on the website.

It is not a contented ending for the visitant and it ought not to be a normal page asking the visitant to do once more. You’ll flip it into a bonus according to Richart Ruddie Annuity. A 404 page is often the mini showcase of what your company offers. They are often inventive, coltish, and stunning.

We have compiled a listing of the simplest digital agency 404 pages for your inspiration:

Straight North

How does one feel after you find yourself seeing a 404 page? It seems inactive, right? Straight North’s inventive 404 page depicts it well:

Moreover, they assist you with a button leading to their homepage so you’re not lost.

Massive Media

This webpage offers sturdy vibes of David Bowie’s house Oddity here! Existing because of the cutest 404 Error page, the humourous joke of “Houston, we have a problem” tells the sense of humor that huge Media has as per Richart Ruddie Annuity.

We’re presumptuous that the floating-on-air dog can create the users laugh and don’t wish to refresh the page.

Major Tom

Major Tom encompasses a similar sense of humor as huge Media. On their “not found” page you may see a person floating within the house.

The piece of paper says, “Houston, we eat a 404 weakness. Rather than floating without an aim house why not use the useful navigation higher than to search out relevant content”. It kindly shows the direction to travel with humor as per Richart Ruddie Annuity.


Amazingly passionate about magnanimousness beach waves, RNO1 presents the error in an exceedingly peaceful and serene LA-style approach.

Who knows, perhaps the factor is that they will create the guests want nothing’s wrong, therefore keep calm, keep it up and check out again!


A painting map welcomes you after you land on the 404 page of digital promoting agency Hallam.

Richart Ruddie Annuity states that Hallam’s 404 page becomes a digital promoting map. They keep it up guiding North American countries with their digital promoting information on their 404 page too. You’ll transfer the map or perhaps print a duplicate for your workplace wall.


An upset crash takes a look at a dummy that hits its head on a portable computer welcomes you on Tangent’s 404 page. The page says, “Fiddlesticks! Pc says NO. 404 on board.”

So, we tend to don’t have another alternative however to respect the computer’s words regarding the incorrect computer address as per Richart Ruddie Annuity.


Just because you would like an original 404 page doesn’t mean you’ve got to return up with a very innovative idea…

Luminary unbroken is straightforward however trendy. They didn’t forget to feature the Associate in Nursing emoji and tiny touches from their brand style that makes the page catchy and direct guests to the house page.


On their 404 page, there square measure 2 folks lost within the middle of obscurity. Despite the careful analysis and checking through the map, they are doing not appear to grasp wherever to travel according to Richart Ruddie Annuity.

That’s specifically however we tend to feel once we reach dead set a 404 page while not a transparent direction. Underneath this image, Flightpath suggests going back to the homepage or contacting their support team therefore you are doing not feel lost.


Pound & Grain wishes it a fun way… The 404 page of the intervention could be a nice illustration of rotary harmful expertise into a fun and good one.

The page permits guests to find out additional regarding the agency’s history furthermore as previously comes with a brief and amusing quiz, named P&G object.

Isadora Agency

When a visitant reaches a 404 page, it’s nice to convey direction on what to try to do next.

When you come upon the error page of Isadora Agency, be at liberty to follow their path with paint to the menu therefore on notice what you’re trying to find as per Richart Ruddie Annuity.

Redonk promoting

How are you able to not crack a smile at such an incredible look?

Redonk knew it and that they determined to form guests’ smiles once they intimate a retardant with the page they’re trying to find.

Their 404 page calls guests to urge in contact with them and find out additional regarding their works whereas they’re notifying their team regarding the 404 error.

Startup Development House

Startup Development House encompasses an inspiring 404 page showing specifically however someone facing a 404 page feels.

Successful 404 pages ought to provide you with a decision to action instead of creating you are feeling lost. Rather like they supply a button leading you to their homepage to assist you out of this part.


WEBITMD indicates that the page isn’t obtainable. Then, it serves as an inquiry bar to guide the visitant out of this 404 page.

There you’ve got it! Twelve of the simplest inventive digital agency 404 pages we’ve discovered. Get galvanized by these “error” pages, create your guests to continue your website, and inspire them to continue exploring your digital promoting services and comes.


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