Difference Between GoPro Hero 11 and GoPro Hero 10

GoPro Hero 11 vs GoPro Hero 10 Difference

In the same way that Apple releases new iPhones every year, GoPro releases new cameras yearly. Nevertheless, GoPro recently announced the launch of the latest addition to its flagship Hero lineup: the GoPro Hero 11 Black.

With impressive versatility and powerful performance, GoPro’s Hero 11 Black gives users – whether beginners or experienced – the tools to capture outdoor adventures in movie-style quality. We have a hands-on review of the GoPro Hero 11 Black that you can read here.

The GoPro Hero 11 Black and Hero 10 Black differ significantly in some respects, from stabilization capabilities. We’ve broken them down into nine major differences to help you decide.

However, we should note that several things haven’t changed between the two action cams – namely their design, maximum resolutions (5K/60p or 4K/120p slo-mo), microphones, connectivity, 10m waterproofing, GP2 processor, and displays. 

Bigger means better

Among the many differences between the GoPro Hero 11 Black and its predecessor, the sensor size is considered to be the most significant. While the Hero 10 Black’s sensor measures 1/2.3 inches, the Hero 11 Black’s sensor measures 1/1.9 inches, making it more versatile and offering a wider field of view.

Aside from the 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios already offered by the Hero 10 Black, this larger sensor allows you to shoot in an 8:7 aspect ratio in addition to the 16:9 aspect ratio already offered by the Hero 10 Black), which makes you able to export your footage in several formats, which is of particular benefit to social media creators whose content is vertically oriented.

There is also an enticing shooting option available with the Hero 11 Black, thanks to its 8:7 aspect ratio. With the ‘full-frame’ setting, GoPro’s latest action cam will offer you a 16% bigger vertical field of view than the Hero 10 Black, making it a more immersive camera than ever before.

Say hello to HyperView.

With HyperView (which GoPro’s branding team probably gave the name using the only logical superlative left available), the GoPro Hero 11 takes its predecessor’s already impressive SuperView digital lens technology to the next level.

With HyperView, you can capture a wider picture, which gives you a deeper understanding of what is happening around you because it takes the 8:7 aspect ratio and compresses it into a 16:9 wide-angle shot. In our testing of interview footage, we found that it was the most immersive, by a wide margin, in our opinion. The best method for capturing action-heavy P.O.V. footage is using a lens like this.

360-degree horizon

In addition, HyperSmooth 5.0 adds Horizon Lock support for GoPro’s latest action cam, the Hero 11 Black – an impressive new feature. 

Hero 10 Black footage is already corrected by Horizon Leveling technology for skewed angles up to 45 degrees. Hero 11 Black also offers this feature, which was previously only available on its predecessor’s Max Lens Mod, which locks footage in place when the camera rotates full 360 degrees. Supported formats are only 5.3K/60p, 4K/120p, and a few others (which use horizontal leveling).

Keeping it colorful

While the difference between the Hero 11 Black and its predecessor is more important for color graders than for regular GoPro users, it significantly improves. A 10-bit color video system makes footage appear more lifelike by offering 1 billion shades of red, blue, and green (versus 16.7 million with 8-bit video). To make the footage appear more realistic, the former now offers a 10-bit color video, which provides 1 billion shades of red, blue, and green (as opposed to 16.7 million shades in 8-bit). Indeed, the human eye can only see about 10 million colors. Still, the Hero 11 Black’s superior shade count will eliminate color-changing banding and improve motion-heavy footage detail – a major benefit of the camera.

Choose your Mode

Aside from the ‘Easy’ mode, the Hero 11 Black also features a ‘Pro’ mode to help meet the needs of both casual and hardcore GoPro users. There is no distinction like this on the Hero 10 Black, which lets experienced users control all sorts of complex settings (bitrate, color profiles, etc.).


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