Decorating trend: 5 mistakes not to make in your kitchen


Want to change for 2022? Why not start with decorating your kitchen? It’s the liveliest place in the house: you go there, meet there, chat there, but above all you eat there. It must therefore be aesthetic but above all ergonomic and practical!

Whether large or small, open or closed, many elements must be taken into account so as not to miss the decoration of one of the most important rooms in the house. The choice of materials, the color of the furniture or the walls, but also certain storage rules must be respected to make this place a warm, friendly and above all energizing place.

Do you want to renew but you don’t know how to go about creating a functional and trendy kitchen? You will be delighted, since in this article we offer you the 5 mistakes to avoid to help you have the perfect kitchen in 2022!


The kitchen is used every day and several times a day. Subject to numerous accidents by cooks, apprentices or confirmed, it is a piece that requires daily maintenance. To avoid spending hours scratching and polishing stains and spills from previous meals, certain materials are preferred because they are much easier to maintain than others. It is therefore necessary to choose them well to have a kitchen that lasts over time and keeps all its shine for as long as possible. Beyond aesthetics, the kitchen must above all be practical and comfortable.

You have to be careful with the finishes you choose, some show more fingerprints. Dark colors or chrome, for example, are more difficult to maintain. These materials indeed leave traces unlike matte finishes or light colors which are generally easier to maintain.



Wood is increasingly used in kitchens. It gives the room the charm of authenticity and naturalness. It is also very sturdy and durable. But beware, it remains sensitive to humidity and heat. To prevent it from absorbing stains, consider oiling your work surface or varnishing it. Its daily maintenance is very simple but nevertheless avoid products that are too aggressive.


Laminate is a very easy-to-live-with material, ideal for a kitchen. Particularly resistant to wear but also to heat and shocks, it is also very affordable. Its undeniable advantage is that it does not require specific maintenance. A wipe with a sponge is enough to remove stains. Colored or imitation ceramic or wood, laminate is suitable for everyone and for all tastes. A real decorative element, it will be your ally for a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.


Among the 2022 decoration trends, we find ceramics. It has gradually imposed itself in our kitchen and seems to have become a new reference material, especially for worktops but also for the kitchen table. In addition to being aesthetic with its superb matte appearance, it is a hygienic material that does not require any particular maintenance. It also has great resistance to heat, stains and scratches. The preparation of meals will therefore be done in peace.


The kitchen, as we have said, is a living space. It must therefore instill dynamism and warmth. For this, a little color will be ideal to give life to your room. We avoid colors that are too sober which can seem bland and dull and we opt instead for a little cheerfulness! The 2022 kitchen will certainly be joyful and smiling!

For a friendly and warm style, choose warm colors, such as red, yellow or orange. These colors have a real effect on our emotions and can energize an entire room. We then dare colorful touches in the furniture, the accessories or on the walls or the floor. Be careful not to turn your kitchen into a paint palette, and choose the color in small doses so as not to get bored. An orange, yellow or red kitchen, in addition to being original, is very trendy at the moment, so dare!


We’ve all experienced it: a cluttered kitchen makes you tired and stressful. To guarantee a good flow of energy and lower your mental load, it is important to have a piece that is easy to use for more serenity in everyday life.

It is indeed a place of passage which is often used as a storage room for family members and which generally ends up cluttered and saturated. The kitchen often accumulates everyday objects and concentrates a collection of crockery, dishes and other household appliances that take up space in the storage. Are you also tired of emptying your entire cupboard just to find your pan? Decluttering will have an impact on your well-being, and it’s proven! It is therefore important to multiply the storage options and eliminate the superfluous. Do you have a kitchen table? No need to equip yourself with more than a kitchen island. Having an uncluttered kitchen will allow you to spend less time storing and cleaning and will also make your room feel more spacious. Go for models on



First of all, decluttering involves removing everything that is not part of the kitchen (children’s toys, small tools, papers, etc.). Yes, we all have that famous screwdriver that’s been lying around for weeks on the counter. Unless you find a use for it in the preparation of your meals, it’s time to take it out of the kitchen and put it back in its place.

The second step is to sort through your overflowing cupboards. Marie Kondo’s famous storage method will be very useful for sorting out your kitchen. This organization technique advocates targeting the essentials by removing everything that you no longer use or that you have not had use for a long time. To lighten your kitchen, nothing could be simpler than to delete all the unnecessary duplicates that you may have. Do you also always use the same wooden spoon and the same frying pan? What’s the use of cluttering up in vain with objects that have always been hidden at the bottom of our cupboards?

By arranging your kitchen by category you can then rationalize the space and everything will finally be in its place. With such an organization you will be able to find your way around and start the year with a light mind!


We often like to have everything at hand, that is to say, directly placed on the counter or worktop. Kettle, toaster, cutting board, blender… For lack of practicality, these elements unnecessarily pollute the kitchen area. Freeing up the worktop will allow you to breathe and give the impression of a “big kitchen”. Practical, no? No need to change house, just store those superfluous items in an easily accessible place, and you will see that you will feel liberated!


The black kitchen has long been among the most modern and classy decorating trends. But for 2022, the interior decoration is meant to be softer. Black and dark shades in general have shown their limits. Dark colors indeed shrink the space. For a small kitchen, avoid colors that are too dark which may create an overwhelming feeling and the impression of living in a cave. Beside that, dark shades can also look boring and can tire more easily. That doesn’t mean you should completely forget about dark shades, though. Sparingly, they can also bring depth and a particular dimension to a room.

To enlarge your kitchen, opt for lighter colors that will bring a pleasant and bright atmosphere. Because it is important not to neglect the light in a living room like this. Light therapy shows us precisely the benefits of light on our well-being. Use natural light as much as possible. For this, nothing better than white and pastel colors on the walls that will light up your room by reflecting the sun’s rays. If you don’t have large windows to let the light in, you can also bet on good lighting. It would still be a shame not to see the good little dishes you have prepared. Brightness is undoubtedly part of the 2022 decorating trends.


If we have seen that you have to declutter your kitchen to let the energy flow and feel good at home, that does not mean hiding everything in the cupboards and having a completely empty room. There are certain accessories that give us joy and pleasure as soon as we lay our eyes on them. A pretty vase, a beautiful coffee cup, a small salad bowl…

Accessorizing your kitchen can bring it to life, otherwise it would risk being dull and bland. So add personality to your room, by decorating your shelves with your most beautiful decorative objects: jars, baskets, pots or pretty crockery… In 2022, create the kitchen that suits you with the decor that suits you. Accessorizing can also go through an original kitchen rug, or suspensions that will give a soul to your living space. The makeover of your room can also be done with a wall decoration in tune with the times. Simple frames or a beautiful designer painting can make all the difference in creating a beautiful kitchen where life is good.


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